Dance Moms Recap: Hip Hop Flip Flop

Wait, I’m confused…Dance Moms is going to go on without Maddie? Do you hate us that much, Phil Collins? In the wake of Melissa’s announcement, the ALDC team wants to soak up the last few weeks they have with Maddie and MacKenzie. While they’re obviously sad to see them leave (at least the girls are), it’s clear that everyone is excited for what’s to come in Maddie’s skyrocketing career. Jill believes that even though she’s not showing her true feelings, Abby Lee Miller is secretly seething over the news. In other new, Jill is a candidate for MENSA. 

At pyramid, Abby rakes her team over the coals for a second place group number, but it’s a step up from not placing the week before. JoJo is on the bottom, and she jokes that she’s been on the bottom a lot lately. This child’s attitude is everything, but Jessalyn objects to JoJo’s placement–she worked hard and did well last week! Abby rips JoJo’s picture from the pyramid, yelling, “We’ll move her!” before placing her at the top of the pyramid and laughing. JoJo is thrilled. Jessalyn is thankful Abby didn’t throw her daughter’s head shot on the ground and stomp on it. If I were everyone in the studio, I’d be slowly backing away…it’s clearly a sign that Abby’s about to go totally loco. Brynn is now the bottom-most dancer for not dancing, with MacKenzie on her heels for not showing enough emotion in her duet with Nia. When MacKenzie tears up, Abby warns her not to be a crybaby. Emotions are only for the stage! Speaking of, Nia’s dancing was emotional and beautiful, but only third rung of the pyramid awesome. Kendall, Maddie, and Kalani make up the second tier in that order. She praises them all.


At this week’s competition, JoJo and Brynn are granted hip-hop solos. JoJo exclaims, “That’s my girl!” before high-fiving Abby. This kid has grown on me so much. Ashlee and Brynn look nervous , but Ashlee is quick to assure herself the viewers that Brynn is exceptional at hip-hop. She’s not just some one-trick contemporary pony! MacKenzie snags the last solo which is an acro hoedown number. She begs for a hip-hop routine, and Abby retracts her solo. Holly intervenes to remind Abby that MacKenzie is only here for a few more weeks and has never gotten a hip-hop solo. What’s the harm? Abby retorts that they can do whatever they want before storming out and citing MacKenzie’s request as dumb. Holly feels like Abby is punishing Melissa by being hateful to MacKenzie. At least Gianna can assist with the group number, right? Jill urges Melissa to request a hip-hop routine for her daughter after never asking Abby for a MackZ solo. Holly wonders what Melissa has to lose. Taking their advice, she heads to Abby’s office, but Abby starts screeching and slamming the door, killing a defenseless boom mic in the process. 

The moms are in shock regarding Abby’s behavior (um, why?), and Ashlee is concerned that Brynn isn’t getting enough practice time due to Abby’s issue with Melissa. She decides to approach Abby who assures her that Brynn and JoJo will be doing their hip-hop solos…but not MacKenzie. NEVER MACKENZIE! A producer (talk about breaking that fourth wall!) intervenes, calling out the fact that Abby told the moms they could make the choice for MacKenzie’s solo. Doesn’t she remember? It was right before she stormed out of pyramid and killed his mic? He’s happy to replay it for her to jog her memory. Abby screams like a woman possessed. The mothers don’t run the studio! She sneaks out the back, and Holly and the moms try to head her off to get her to do her job. Abby laughs manically before peeling out the parking lot. Abby calls Holly and gives her an earful…she’s going to the beach and Holly can run the studio. At least MacKenzie has scored her hip-hop solo! 

dance moms melissa

Ashlee is hoping that Abby is watching the footage of her kissing arse in Abby’s absence. Ashlee lectures the veteran moms that Abby is clearly upset about Maddie’s departure. Holly and Jill argue it’s something bigger–Abby has lost control. Ashlee counters that perhaps Abby just needs support. Seriously? Jill drones on and on about how the moms left their other kids and husbands to be in LA everyday for Abby. That’s not support? Thankfully, Gia interrupts the brewing debate by inviting the moms in to watch the solos. MacKenzie buckles under stress and flees the studio before Gia can yell at her. Before Gia can say a word, Melissa confirms that yes, MacKenzie does need to grow up and face the pressure. Holly follows Mac and provides a much needed pep talk. I do love that no matter how much the original mothers may get peeved at each other, they are always acting as bonus moms for the entire team. 

The following day, MacKenzie has her head back in the game, and Holly is thankful that Gia can step up to the plate and be an actual adult when it comes to teaching choreography. Not missing a beat, Ashlee continues needling Melissa…isn’t it weird that Abby doesn’t want to be more involved given it’s MacKenzie’s last competition? Doesn’t she care about MacKenzie? Abby saunters into rehearsal and she’s about a stage four on her five stages of crazy. The hot rollers are a dead giveaway. Abby demands to see the group number, and she’s yelling critiques at Maddie and MacKenzie left and right. She sums up Maddie’s performance as shooting Gia’s choreography before shooing everyone out of the studio so she can conduct private lessons. 

dance moms holly jill

At the competition, everyone is wondering about Abby’s whereabouts until she bursts into the studio, blinged out with a ball cap, yelling “Moms betta have my money!” which she follows up with “Black people said it was hip-hop week.” The mothers are floored. “She did not just go there,” Holly muses. Jill is less than entertained by Abby’s antics. Abby refuses to break out of her Gangsta’s Paradise persona, and Jessalyn finds it odd that Ashlee is dressing Brynn to be a JoJo clone. JoJo performs first, and she’s got her signature sass and hits all the moves. However, I don’t think her choreography is all that special. Ashlee is convinced that Brynn is going to dance JoJo under the table. Brynn proves she’s not just a lyrical dancer with her routine–precious. Nia pumps up MacKenzie before she takes the stage (like mother, like daughter!), and she totally rocks her routine…I’m not going to comment on whether it was age-appropriate. 

Backstage, Jessalyn teases Ashlee about Brynn’s outfit. Melissa cackles that Brynn isn’t the new Maddie, she’s the new JoJo. Ashlee tries to defend herself and it turns into a screaming match. She then goes crying to Abby who wonders why Ashlee even cares what these banshees think. The group routine is amazing, flawless. This is why I watch the show. At the awards ceremony, JoJo’s solo places fifth with Brynn snagging fourth. MacKenzie shows Abby with a first place win. The group number also nabs the top spot. After the awards, Abby criticizes MacKenzie’s performance before leaving. Ashlee and Jessalyn get back into their tiff, and the more upset Ashlee gets, the more Jessalyn giggles and sneers. Jill and Holly try to diffuse (do they?) by rapping about lyrical dance. 


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