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Did the producers of Sister Wives end up with so much extra footage that two hour episodes sounded like a good idea? Are they hoping if they show more of Meri Brown’s catfishing, Nev and Max will suddenly want to collaborate? It’s just too much of a good thing–in this case Kody’s luscious locks–if you ask me.

Kody wants to help Meri feel more love and support, but he’s not sure how to go about it. He believes the therapy session was helpful, but he wants to make sure that the group continues to handle the situation with kindness. Janelle realizes that it’s not enough to tell her that she’s included in the family, they need to show her. Of course, there is other stuff going on with the crew besides the catfishing. Aspyn and Mykelti have come to the end of their year lease, and the sisters are totally over living together. Aspyn is moving back home, but not into Christine’s house because she tends to butt heads with her mother when it comes to how to raise her younger siblings. She’s going to be living at Robyn’s, and Christine admits it will be an adjustment. Mykelti is moving to Utah to work for her dad’s friend as she takes time off from UNLV. College is hard, and she’s not ready to grow up quite yet. 


Kody and Janelle’s son Garrison is a rising senior in high school, and he wants to go into the military. He’s already been to see the recruiter, but his parents wish that he’d wait and join the National Guard after college. Garrison believes a good compromise would be enlisting when he turns eighteen even he risks deployment while he’s in college. His older brother Hunter agrees with his folks…Hunter is going to the Naval Academy, and his path with the military will be incredibly different. 

If the Browns were all about a theme party last season, this season, it’s just moving and U-Hauls. Mykelti is moving to Utah by herself because she’s gotten a job at a pawn shop. Kody is hoping that this reality check will be just what his daughter needs to come back home in a few months, ready to start back at school. Mykelti is excited about living on her own, so you know she’s not Meri’s child. Speaking of Meri, the producers are capitalizing on her empty nest by making her sit around alone in her house, constantly texting. The catfish drama wasn’t the only secret Meri was keeping from Kody and her sister wives. Her health issues are a big concern for her after her sister passed away from colon cancer. While Meri’s family would probably want to be in the know, she is determined to face it alone. Her doctor has her test results, and everything is normal. Meri chalks up her stomach problems to the stress of being catfished.

It’s Mykelti’s first day on the job,and Kody and Christine pop in to see their daughter. Kody wants to trade his giant Robo-cop watch for a television. Christine freaks out when she learns the watch was a gift from one of his other wives, in this case Robyn. The producers remind Kody that she’ll see this, so he decides to pay cash for the television. He makes a big production over throwing down the bills while he and Christine try to haggle out of not paying sales tax. 

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After getting his physical for the National Guard, Garrison has asked Janelle to gather the family together for an announcement. He’s in the army, but Kody beats him to the punch with sharing the news. Kody and the wives are extremely proud of Garrison, although they are also terrified at the idea of him getting deployed. Robyn says she wishes she’s hidden his paperwork because, you know, that’s totally something Robyn would do. The next day, a teary Meri confides in the cameraman about how she’s still dealing with the deception and loneliness. She and Janelle are going to counseling to repair their relationship. Janelle hopes that she’ll be able to show Meri she’s on her team. 

Janelle, Kody, and Meri’s relationship is highlighted. Janelle and Meri were acquaintances after high school, and Janelle was briefly married to Meri’s sister. Janelle was new to the faith, so she was admittedly clueless. She figured everything would be hunky-dory, but Meri was incredibly jealous. The women’s personalities were so polar opposites. Meri was confrontational and Janelle retreated. When Christine came onto the scene, Janelle describes her as a calming force. Christine served as the go-between and stayed home with Meri, Mariah, and Logan, which allowed Janelle to escape by going back to work. They both describe their relationship as functional but not close. Meri approached Janelle three years ago, but she wasn’t ready to discuss their situation. When a year or so passed and Janelle became ready, Meri wasn’t sure she still wanted it. However, here we are, twenty-plus years and another two-hour episode later, and they are ready to go to therapy together.

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But not quite yet…because why else would this episode need to be two hours long if they didn’t drag out every last scenario? First, we have to get through a baby shower for Robyn! Christine is more excited that one should be to be hosting a shower. Here I was, so proud of the Browns for avoiding a party pitfall, but alas, we’ve got another tacky event to witness. Robyn’s niece is also helping throw the shower. She grew up in a plural family and she isn’t opposed to being a sister wife if it’s a strong family dynamic. Christine is freaking out over every little detail, squealing and giggling at the cupcakes and diaper castle in a pitch so high it scared my dog.  The guest list is comprised of close friends and neighbors and all of the daughters. The wives all have a wonderful time. They acknowledge that while sometimes a sister wives shower can be awkward since the mom to be got knocked up by their husband, this one was just pure fun and happiness. 

The following day, Meri and Janelle head to their therapist, and she suggests reversing roles. Janelle seems to be making a big effort, but Meri seems very defensive. Janelle is aware that she spent a lot of time disengaging because she was intimidated by Meri’s directness. The therapist points out that the women may be opposite, but that means their strengths are different, and therefore complimentary. Both women leave the session feeling incredibly hopeful, and they decide to test their new found relationship by shopping for Thanksgiving decorations together. Meri reveals that she secretly thinks it’s a terrible idea. They are both learning how to communicate and process their thoughts, and had they focused on these things twenty years ago, their relationship would have been vastly different. 


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