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How much footage does TLC have of Meri tearfully talking about her catfishing? Clearly a ton, as we’re back to supersized Sister Wives episodes. At least Mariah gets her waterworks honestly! The two hours begin with Maddie shopping for her wedding dress. Kody Brown is upset to learn that his daughter doesn’t want him tagging along. She wants her dad to see the dress for the first time before he walks her down the aisle. Kody is doubly concerned when Caleb mentions he’ll be wearing khakis. Jake from State Farm? She sounds hideous! 

The nearest bridal salon doesn’t know what hit it when Madison arrives with her mother Janelle, Meri, Christine, Robyn, and Robyn’s full-time nanny niece. Also in tow are her sisters Aspyn, Mykelti, and Mariah, who will serve as bridesmaids, as well  as her best friend and maid-of-honor, Desi. Maddie is a smart girl, so she’s not allowing everyone in her entourage to pull dresses. They need to have a seat while she works with Desi and a salesperson. Meri is upset that she doesn’t get to help pick out a dress for the big day. She also demands to know if Maddie wants all of her mother’s sister wives to serve as mothers of the bride. Given that Mariah wants a plural marriage, I’m sure Meri will have the opportunity to shop with her daughter and all Mariah’s future sister wives. 


Maddie says yes to a flattering strapless mermaid gown, and Christine is choking up. TLC missed an epic crossover by not flying Monte out to Vegas to jack up Madison with a veil and a blinged out belt. However, because the majority of shopping focused on Maddie, we need to be treated of extra scenes of Meri feeling sorry for herself. She’s taken up painting to soothe her soul and express her feelings. Meri is hoping that she can crank out a slew of tree pictures to represent their family and gift them to Kody and her sister wives as a mea culpa for that whole internet indiscretion. She’s enlisted the help of her painting instructor. It’s like a one of those wine and painting situations sweeping the soccer mom crowd (I do love them too), minus the wine and the extra people. Meri is basically just copying everything her instructor is doing on a second canvas, while justifying that she was just looking for a friendship online. Each of the four tree paintings will be specific to the recipient. Christine’s is whimsical, Janelle’s is woodsy, and Robyn’s will be palm trees at sunrise, as the sunrise represents where she is in her relationship with Kody. Very telling…

Robyn is having Braxton-Hicks contractions, and Kody has his fingers crossed that the baby comes before the end of the year so she’ll be a tax deduction. The pair is meeting with their midwife while Robyn complains about every aspect of pregnancy while Kody opines on the different pregnancy experiences with each of his wives. When they return home, they are greeted by Meri. She is going to visit to Mariah at college in Utah, and she’d like to take Solomon with her. Mariah adores her four-year-old brother, and Meri thinks he would be a good peace offering given that Mariah is still livid at her mom for getting catfished. Kody and Robyn giggle awkwardly at the request, and Robyn cites he’s been having bad dreams and needs him mom. Meri is shocked at how quickly she says no. Isn’t she supposed to be another parent and aren’t they trying to be more conscious of Meri’s empty nest syndrome? Meri retreats quickly with the slam of the door. Kody wonders why Meri seems so hurt, and he questions Robyn more about her decision to which she just talks in circles about his attachment to her. 

The couple treks across the cul-de-sac compound to make sure that Meri is okay, and she greets them with stone-faced silence. It’s not that they don’t trust her, Solomon is just hyper attached to Robyn right now. Meri doubts the validity of their reasoning even as Robyn assures her it has nothing to do with trust and they offer up one of their older children. Breanna would have a blast, and she’s not going to be crying for Robyn in the middle of the night. Plus, she’s made the trip to Utah with Meri before. What Meri can’t say is that Breanna isn’t going to be the child that warms Mariah’s cold heart when it comes to forgiving her mother. Breanna heads to Meri’s house at her request, and Meri extends the formal invitation to join her on the road trip to Utah. Breanna is adorably excited about the prospect of getting out of town and skipping a day of school. 

Upon arriving in Utah, Meri and Breanna hit up a local flower shop to get an arrangement for Mariah and Meri’s mother. Meri wants to tread lightly and have a fun weekend. First up is a big family dinner at Meri’s mom’s house with her sisters and their children. Mariah admits she and her mom are in a hard place, but she’s not ready to listen. In Montana, Kody and Janelle are joining Maddie to seek out wedding venues. Kody and his wives feel the challenge will be how a plural family sends off their daughter to a monogamous marriage. It’s a beautiful outdoor setting, and Maddie assessing the size of the dance floor. Her father’s dance moves take up a lot of space, as we’re reminded in an awkward montage. There are even wonderful tree houses on the property for the couple to stay in on their wedding night. The next spot is very cool, complete with a rustic barn and thrity-two acres. There’s even a log ranch that could house their entire family. It’s got my vote! Caleb joins the crew at the final destination, but Maddie is dead set on the tree houses. Now I realize why last night’s episode had to be two hours long…an hour was dedicated to promoting tourism in Montana! 

In Utah, Meri is staying at the family’s old house, and Meri recognizes this as the place where she started to see her own faults and attempt to better herself. Mariah shows up for breakfast, and it’s immediately tense. Mariah recognizes that it’s difficult being the only child to her mom in their giant family. Her mother relies on Mariah to feel like she’s still a part of the family. Mariah also admits that college has taught her how to think critically, and she no longer agrees with the teachings of her old church. She has no plans now to be polygamous. Mariah tries to break the ice by drawing attention to her mother’s super skinny eyebrows, but it backfires when Meri requests a one-on-one. Mariah isn’t ready to rebuild any sort of relationship with her mom. The duo trudge through the snow with feeble attempts to make small talk.

Meri believes that she’s lost Mariah’s trust for her failed online “friendship.” Meri sheepishly broaches the subject, but Mariah responds that she’s not ready. She tells the producer that she feels selfish because she doesn’t care. Mariah thinks it’s incredibly unfair that her mom thinks she can just apologize and everything will go back to normal. Not so much. Mariah states that just because her mom’s online relationship wasn’t physical and ended up being a lie, it doesn’t change the fact that she did it knowing it wasn’t appropriate. Despite Mariah’s constant defenses, Meri keeps pushing. Mariah explains that she’s very angry, and she wants to be in a place where she can speak with her mother without getting mad or upset. She loves her mom, but she can’t forgive her just yet. 


[Photo Credit: TLC]

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