Sister Wives Recap: And Baby Sister Makes Eighteen

I’m going out on a limb here and betting that last night’s Sister Wives was longer than Robyn Brown’s actual labor. Baby Sister arrived last night, and Kody cites that Robyn is far more independent with this pregnancy than she was with Solomon. We are treated to highlights of Robyn’s frustrations with Kody over the last several weeks, and both agree that their emotional connection isn’t what it was with the last. Robyn has felt “off” the entire time, and she tends to listen to her intuition which worries Kody to no end. 

Baby Sister will be Kody’s eighteenth child. The family reminisces about firstborn Logan. He was born to Janelle after Kody had married his first three wives. Christine got pregnant not long after marrying Kody. Meri gave birth to Mariah a few short months after Christine gave birth to Aspyn. Madison came next, and Janelle had a difficult time producing enough milk. Maddie wasn’t gaining weight, so Meri stepped in to breast feed. As Kody’s brood got bigger, he felt more scrutiny from employers and customers. Many of Christine and Janelle’s pregnancies overlapped. While it’s a bit odd to think about, the family videos of the kids are adorable. 


While Christine and Janelle have had both home births and hospital births, Robyn has had her first three children at home. Historically, polygamists were scared of the questions asked by the hospital. When Truely was born, it was the first time the entire Brown family went into the delivery room to welcome the new addition. Both Robyn and Christine discuss the added anxiety of having a cameraman shoot their labor for millions of viewers to watch. Footage shows Robyn offering to be a surrogate for Meri on the heels of Solomon’s birth. Robyn inquires whether all of this baby talk is upsetting to Meri. As Meri gets teary, the other wives try to be supportive, reminding her that she’s got a wet bar slew of grandchildren in their future. 

After way too much talk about Baby Sister, the focus turns to Maddie’s upcoming wedding. Janelle’s mother is in town, and Maddie takes her mother, grandmother, Christine, and sisters Aspyn and Mariah to check out her recently fitted wedding gown. Janelle’s mother cries tears of joy upon seeing her granddaughter dressed as a bride. Back at home, Christine and Robyn are decorating Aspyn’s new room in Robyn’s house. As she is president of Greek life at UNLV, Christine wants Aspyn’s space to reflect her new position. Robyn and Christine have been thick as thieves lately after a rocky start when Robyn joined the family. They cite that horrible cardboard boat regatta as a bonding experience. Any experience to belittle Kody is a reason to come together!

sister wives wedding dress

Christine and Robyn believe Aspyn is so ingrained in her sorority because she desires the sisterhood her mothers have without having to share a husband. Robyn jokes that Aspyn wants sister wives perks with none of the work. As the women rush to get Aspyn’s room put together, they realize that Aspyn moving in with Robyn is bringing the wives closer. If they can be supportive instead of jealous, their relationship will flourish. Aspyn is thrilled at the surprise, and she’s grateful that her mom forwent her idea for a big party. 

It’s a Brown tradition that the oldest daughters cook breakfast for the family the morning after Christmas. This year, the oldest girls are all in college, so they are passing the baton to the next generation of sisters. The family gathers at Christine’s house to celebrate the last breakfast by the older crew, and Kody once again has an important announcement. He’s repeats himself over and over as the kids talk and laugh. His children pay him absolutely no attention, and he pouts that he’s not the center of attention. Robyn reminds him to be patient and he wonders why gathering his family causes such drama. Who is the dramatic one in this scenario? Drum roll…the Browns are taking a family vacation to Hawaii! More footage for next season!

sister wives announcement

As Robyn’s labor progresses, Kody believes he’s achieved the perfect balance of being engaged, supportive, and not easily offended. He’s the enforcer. Robyn’s parents and her three children are all in the room. Solomon is the only child who will be excluded from witnessing childbirth. Aurora is tracking contractions, and all of the family is abuzz about the arrival of Baby Sister. Robyn’s intuitions are concerning Kody, as is his mother-in-law’s constant prayer vigil. However, Janelle and Christine think Kody is a wonderful birthing partner. He’s holding Robyn and waiting for her to be ready to move to the bed. The room is prepped, Robyn is struggling, and Kody’s trying to figure out a name so Baby Sister doesn’t have “Baby Sister” on her future driver’s license. The midwife is all smiles as she gives Robyn a pep talk. 

Robyn is very quite through her contractions, a lesson imposed upon her by her mother who believes labor should be as ladylike as possible. When Robyn makes a face, her father laughs and says it’s the same face she made when he told her not to marry Kody. Robyn’s dad’s got jokes! She’s dilated ten centimeters and her daughters are listening outside the bedroom door waiting to hear the confirmation cry. Robyn’s next push splashes all over the midwife as Kody nags her about her breathing. The baby crowns, but the midwife gets intense and seems to go inside Robyn to pull out the baby. When Baby Sister lets out her first cry, I get teary. Damn you, TLC! I’m not sobbin’ over Robyn! That’s her job! The family convenes on Robyn’s room to meet their new family member. Her daughters are bawling with joy, and the midwife recognizes that Robyn’s mom was a bit nervous about how long it took the shoulders pass through the birth canal. 

sister wives 2

Baby Sister is nine pounds, nine ounces, and upon examination, the midwife reveals that the baby’s collar bone was broken during childbirth. She assures Robyn and Kody that this is a very normal phenomenon with big babies with broad shoulders. Had Robyn had a hospital birth, the doctors would tell her the same thing. It will heal on its own. A week after her arrival, the Browns are still reveling in the excitement, as well as the news that both Logan and Mariah have been accepted to the same PA school. Their plan is to move in together with Logan’s girlfriend in a two bedroom apartment. As much as Janelle wishes they’s get married before co-habitating, she isn’t going to force her views on her son. The thought makes Kody squeamish. It’s endearing to see all of Baby Sister’s siblings showering her with love. After ruling out Esmerelda and Kevin as names, Kody calls together the family for another announcement. It’s Hawaii! Ariella May, and they are going to call her Aria. 


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