heather dubrow house

Are y’all ready to see some house porn? They may have missed their March move-in deadline, but Heather Dubrow and husband Terry on the home stretch of finishing their dream mansion. Like the Real Housewives of Orange County couple, the home is small and understated, with just enough space for their family of six. And a hundred other people…and a tree…in the basement. I’m not positive, but I think their master bedroom is bigger than my entire house.

As furniture slowly but surely makes it way into the giant abode, dubbed Dubrow Chateau, the Botched star reveals he hasn’t been to the site in weeks. Heather insists her husband stay out of the construction phase because she doesn’t want his “constructive” (haha!) criticism. Of course, we’re sure to be treated to progress updates when the RHOC season debuts on June 20th. In the meantime, you can check out a video tour from Heather. I’m not going to say the rooms are so enormous that her voice echos, but…the rooms are so big her voice echos. 


Of the soon to be finished project, Heather reveals to Bravo’s Daily Dish, “I just tried to make every room special. There’s a lot of very unique things that I’ve designed and put into this house that I’m just very excited about.”

Terry seconds that sentiment, explaining, “What Heather has done in this house, which is rather than just put sort of expensive finishes that are elegant and nice, she’s treated every sort of millimeter of this house in a very unique way. So the house is really wrapped — it reminds me of a very fancy present — each room has been wrapped individually. She’s done some really unique things that it makes it look like it’s wrapped for a special occasion.”

Like all good Bravolebrities, the couple is excited to host guests and throw fun parties in their new abode. Terry describes their home theater, gushing, “It’s a 21-seat movie theater that has commercial-level, state-of-the-art A/V equipment and even little speakers in the ceiling that are designed to give you a 360, fully-immersed audio-visual experience. I can’t wait because we spent a lot of time in our last house in that amazing movie theater.”

Heather continues, “I really built this house for us to live in it the way we actually live, and it’s very user-friendly, and it’s got a lot of fun entertaining spots. I’m just looking forward to a really fun summer with having all of our friends over.”

If you’re wondering if their new estate will live up to the hype, Terry doesn’t want you to worry. He asserts, “I think this house is not going to just blow away anything we’ve done before, but this house is gonna be one of those homes, like a Mohamed Hadid home where you walk in and your jaw just drops, both from a design element point-of-view and a scale home point-of-view,” adding, “It’s something uniquely livable but extraordinarily large. It’s like a homey Neiman Marcus.”

Don’t want to take his word for it? Check out the below video of Heather’s tour!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]