Lauri Peterson son Josh Waring arrested, attempted murder

Lauri Peterson has done some shady shit over the years in her attempts to get screen time on Real Housewives of Orange County, but nothing will ever be more captivating than the real drama in her family life. Anyone who has been watching RHOC from the beginning knows that Lauri has been through so much, especially with her kids.

In fact, Lauri left the reality show so she could focus on son Josh Waring’s troubles in private. Now, things have taken another dark turn with Josh. The twenty seven year old has been charged with suspicion of attempted murder.


The former OC housewife has been through a lot over the years, especially with her son Josh, but this is definitely the worst news so far. Not to mention, that it is especially sad given the recent shootings that have made headlines.

According to the LA Times, Josh was arrested on Monday in Costa Mesa, California, after a shooting that happened around 2:30 AM. When police arrived on he scene, Josh reportedly fled in a stolen BMW SUV, and a car chase ensued until the SUV crashed. Then Josh “surrendered without further incident.” Wow. That is way more dramatic than anything that has ever been on RHOC.

As a result, Josh was booked into the Orange County jail with a bail set at $1 million for suspicion of attempted murder, assault and battery, vehicle theft, and felony evading police. Holy shit. That is a lot of serious stuff there.

And weirdly enough, the police did not find the gun in the stolen SUV, which is unsettling to say the least.

As awful as this is, it’s far from the first time Lauri’s son has had issues with the law. This is has to be so stressful for everyone involved and their families.


[Photo Credits: Bravo]

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