This week, Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward got the news that will change their lives forever. A baby is on the way!!! Of course, we’ve known that Jeff and Gage have been expecting a baby girl via surrogacy for quite some time now, but there’s nothing like seeing the news delivered on camera while the fathers to be take it all in. So, what does this mean for the Flipping Out crew?

Well, for one, Zoila Chavez will be put on grandma notice. Right after she takes care of that sexting situation on her phone. Someone’s sexted her an innocent question: “Are you available to eat my p**sy out tonight?” Hmm. Mannerly and creepy! Zoila reads the sext aloud, causing everyone in the vicinity to pop a forehead vein in hysterical laughter, and me to practically shoot seltzer out of my nose. Who is this random sexter? 


*Writer’s Disclaimer: My DirectTV was cutting out last night like a mofo, so I could not pause ONE second of this episode while recapping it. Thus, may I present to you the possibly most jacked up recap ever known to RT! (Sorry friends! Hope I got most of it…:)

Also, Jenni Pulos will have a leg up on Jeff, possibly for the first time in her life! She’s the experienced parent now…not that Jeff will ever, ever listen to her. Speaking of no one listening to anyone, Jeff and Jenni also have a tense conversation with their prize client, Chaz Dean, who accuses Jeff Lewis Design of taking “forever” on all projects. That’s rich coming from a guy who’s been peddling shoe grease as revolutionary hair products via snail mail order for the past 4 years!

Jeff doesn’t like Chaz’s tone, so he does what he does best: he fires back with accusations of his own. Chaz’s assistant Nuria can’t handle Jeff’s tirade, and practically packs up to go, finally dismissing Jeff, Jenni, and Gage after the storm passes. But there’s definitely residual damage. Jeff doesn’t like the blatant criticism that Chaz is slinging. He works hard to manage his umpteen properties, all the while kowtowing to Chaz’s every whim. Gage just hopes Jeff hasn’t destroyed the relationship irreparably. 

Back at the office, new designer Ashlyn is trying to do actual work while Jeff shows his brother’s “Glow Sharks” commercials to Zoila and Jenni. After begging Ashlyn relentlessly to do her best low-voice glow shark impression, Jeff eventually gives up. But he will not forget this moment of Ashlyn not playing his game. He no likey! Ashlyn doesn’t seem to understand the framework of OCD (emphasis on the obsessive here) she’s working within. 

Out at client calls, JeffJenni, and Vanina Alfaro build new relationships with Meera, a calm client who needs a refresh on her dated Tudor. Meera is a rheumatoligist, which Jeff thinks has something to do with gout. He’s more concerned with Zoila’s health than his own, though, evidenced by the physical exam he foists upon her later that day. Jeff also gets checked out. He wants life insurance on Zoila, Gage, himself – basically anyone that might die in this house at any second.


Valley Vista is still a hellish construction zone, but Jeff is still laser focused on Ashlyn’s glow shark impression rather than renovation progress. Vanina tries to coach her, but Ashlyn holds firm. Gage is annoyed at Jeff’s obsessive needling and wisely notes that it’s Jeff’s subtle way of calling Ashlyn out on not “being committed” to the job by having specific tasks. Hmm. What’s the over/under on Ashlyn not making it past 6 months in this office?

In the car later, Jenni and Jeff head back to Meera’s house, Bell Canyon. It’s bad news there from Frank the contractor: there’s a water issue. Mildew – ugh! Not in the budget, says Jeff. But it’s got to be addressed before any remodel work can be done. The house may need a new roof, which Jeff doesn’t want to hear. Not good.

Another client, Kathy, meets Jeff, Jenni, and Vanina out for design decisions. She wants a kitchen reno, and is a long term client who trusts Jeff. They look at some faucet, sink, and tub porn (love this stuff!), and Jeff feels like he is just shopping for himself. Apparently, Kathy’s design sensibilities are in line with his own. At lunch later, Jeff tells Kathy that he and Gage’s surrogate took a pregnancy test recently and it was POSITIVE! He says he’s not getting excited yet, as the blood test will need to confirm. But let’s get real here – he is excited. Jenni knows this too. Awwwww!

Back at Chaz Dean’s, Jeff, Jenni, and Gage work on turning things around. Jeff was worried he pushed too far and feels bad about overreacting. He says the new plan of Gage updating Nuria weekly should help ease Chaz’s worries about work got getting done. They’re out to prove they’re not the slowest firm in town. Nuria looks skeptical, but willing to go with the plan for the good of the order.

At Bell Canyon, Frank delivers more crappy news: the water damage is vast and expensive. Jeff can’t rebuild a damn house before he designs it! But he still wants the job, so he begs Frank for the lowest possible quote. The desperation is real. And wet. 


As evening falls on Valley Vista, Jeff demands one more attempt at glow shark from Ashlyn. Not breaking her poker face, Ashlyn tries to avoid eye contact with Jeff in lieu of mimicking a commercial he’s currently obsessed with. Gage, knowing Ashlyn may be reaching her breaking point, begs her to come back to work the next day despite this asinine teasing. Jeff would rather Ashlyn submit to his will – THERE WILL BE GLOW SHARK! – or else she can just spend her time smoking a doob outside of the 2016 Warped Tour. Or whatever it is people under 40 are doing these days! Jeff has no idea. He just wants glow shark, and he wants it now.

It’s D-day at Bell Canyon. Jeff delivers the water damage news to Meera and her hubby, Samir. They are not happy (who would be!?). It’s going to cost at least $10 grand to fix the water problem. Jeff seems more freaked out about delivering the news than the clients do accepting it though. They take the news in stride and are the yin to Jeff’s yang. He wants to be just like them when he grows up.

Andy, a traveling notary, comes to Jeff’s house to notarize the signing of wills and trusts. Jeff and Gage sign, noting how their lives will change with the baby’s arrival. Jeff also hopes things sort of stay the same. You know, like Ashlyn not quitting despite being mentally waterboarded everyday, and Gage sticking by his side through jackhammers and chainsaws hanging precariously over the baby’s crib. Oh, Flipping Out! Please stay sweetly dysfunctional. #TrueLoveByBravo #FanForLife

The next morning, Gage and Jeff call Dr. Potter to check in. He tells the happy couple what they want to hear: They’re having a baby for sure!!! Their surrogate is 4 weeks pregnant!!! Zoila cheers, “I’m pregnant!” which is both absurd and awesome all at the same time. Gage and Jeff can’t help but smile – they are practically beaming, actually. And it’s a beautiful thing to see. New life, here they come. 


Photo Credit: Bravo