Below Deck Season 4 To Premiere Sept 6! Captain Lee, Ben Robinson, Kate Chastain, and Kelley Johnson Return!

It’s been a cruel summer waiting for the original Below Deck to sail back into our lives. But fear not! We only have a little over a month until Captain Lee, Stud of the Sea, is handing out plane tickets to a new crew of dysfunctional yachties! Below Deck season 4 will premiere on Bravo Sept 6, featuring a mix of old and new faces.  

So, who’s coming aboard this fall? Well, chief stew Kate Chastain, her many fonts and her delightfully on-point snark, will lead the interior crew, including newbies Emily Warburton-Adam (second stew) and Sierra Storm (third stew). Kate is in a new relationship with a woman, a tidbit that will be highlighted on season 4. Although we know that this relationship led to some sketchy shenanigans after filming, we’re not sure how much drama between Kate and her girlfriend will play out on TV. 


Also joining the old guard are Captain Lee, of course, head chef Ben Robinson, and former deckhand Kelley Johnson. Surprisingly, Kelley has been promoted to bosun for season 4, a position he’s looking to “redeem” himself in. After his nasty treatment of former co-deckhand Jennice Ontiveros (aided and abetted by codependent sister-stew Amy Johnson!), Kelley seems like he’ll be working to sell us build a more likable profile. 

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Whether Kelley is able to redeem himself in the eyes of viewers remains to be seen. He was, as I recall, a Grade A D-Bag when it came to the Jennice situation. Here’s hoping the past year has matured him into, say, a post-adolescent human with feelings that resemble empathy!

Kelley will be joined by an entirely new deck crew: Trevor Walker (senior deckhand), Nico Scholly (deckhand), and Lauren Burchell (deckhand). In an interesting twist, Nico and Kelley apparently seek out a “boatmance” with the same stew! A situation sure to cause strife. But will it get one of them sent packing?


Spoilers are hinting that Captain Lee hands out at least one plane ticket home to a crew member, but it’s anyone’s guess who that may be. Of his hopes for season 4, he told Bravo, “I always get excited about seeing how the crew are going to mesh. You hope for the best — but you plan for the worst.” Sounds about right!

Kate hints that the love triangles/quadrangles/octagons will abound this season on the 154-foot mega yacht, Valor. “Love is in the air and it’s spreading among the crew,” she warns.  

But work tensions will be high within the team as well, as Ben and Kate’s love/hate relationship plays out in its continuing saga. For a preview of Below Deck season 4, see the drama unfold in a sneak peek here


Photo Credit: Bravo