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Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Episode 4 recap courtney veale confessional

The current season of Below Deck Mediterranean has started out with SEVERAL bangs. Just a few episodes in and we’ve already seen Chef Mathew Shea quit twice, Captain Sandy Yawn get screamed at by guests for bad food and a complete meltdown from Satan Lexi Wilson.  We’ve seen drunken guests who try to jump off the boat and fight the night before their supposed on-ship wedding. And it seemed like it might be hard to beat last year’s bombshell of a season, but it’s shaping up nicely.

Unfortunately, we still have to deal with the worst yachting duo ever of Malia White and Sandy. Their crusade that got Hannah Ferrier fired from her chief stew position left a bad taste in every viewer’s mouth. Malia, the snake, tattled on Hannah for having prescription Valium on board ONLY when a fight broke out between the one-time roomies. And since then, both of them have doubled down on their decisions, with Sandy, in particular, rubbing salt in the wound. And Malia was definitely NOT a fan favorite heading into Season 6.

Below Deck Med season 6 episode 3 recap chef mathew shea

We don’t know a lot about Mathew Shea yet, except that he’s anxiety-prone enough to shirk his responsibilities when over-whelmed.  The Below Deck Mediterranean chef feigned a knee injury to get out of cooking for the first charter.  And that’s just Mathew professionally, though when he sticks around long enough to prepare a meal, it’s fantastic.  First impressions of him during the crew night out brought on a “creepy uncle” vibe for Third Stew Courtney Veale.  Then there was that “throuple” comment.

So Mathew isn’t invoking the best first impressions in any sense of the word.  But it’s early in the season.  We don’t know what kind of man he is, but he is one to call out another one to step up to his responsibilities.  It’s interesting how these yachties’ lives tend to intertwine.

David Pascoe Below Deck Mediterranean - Season 6

There’s a new batch of yachties setting sail under Captain Sandy Yawn.  And Below Deck Mediterranean viewers know that Sandy can be polarizing, especially to her interior staff.  Though with Hannah Ferrier gone, there’s a lot less tension on board already.  New Chief Stew Katie Flood is quite capable in her job, and has earned the respect of her captain.  So far so good onboard.

Of course there are no issues between Sandy and her protege Malia White.  They worked together last season and know what to expect from each other.  Malia and Sandy have always spoken highly of each other and the bosun is certainly indebted to the captain for guiding her in the industry.  Maybe it’s Malia’s good opinion of her boss that trickled down to her team.  And if the team head is doing well, there won’t be negative interaction between deck crew and Sandy.  A halo effect.

Below Deck Mediterranean Hannah Ferrier

What’s a more polarizing topic these days than Coronavirus?  It’s 2021 and still we are divided over personal responsibility, mask-wearing, and mandatory vaccines.  Is anybody not over it at this point?  And if you’re one of those people that enjoys a little escapism by following reality TV, unfortunately these issues have long ago found their way into the lives of our favorite Bravo-lebrities.

Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd Leventhal, for one, was playing loose and fast with the pandemic since March 2020 when she flew to New York just before lock down to shack up with then-fiance Rick Leventhal.  She and the former FOX News anchor seemed to take the pandemic lightly since…..March 2020.  From the need to wear masks, the severity of COVID-19, and a celebratory “super spreader” event.  It’s a true feat that she and Rick did not catch the virus until New Years Eve 2021.  And even in that situation, Kelly managed to infuse some drama.

Below Deck Got An Emmy Nomination

Congratulations are in order for 51 Minds Entertainment.  After eight seasons of the Bravo hit Below Deck, the production company can finally celebrate an Emmy nomination for the show.  A well-deserved recognition for a program that spawned a franchise and is Bravo’s highest rated among viewers in a demographic spanning 18-to-49 year olds.

Below Deck premiered in 2013.  After its immediate success, Below Deck Mediterranean aired its first season in 2016.  Fledgling Below Deck Sailing Yacht is only two seasons in after its inception in early 2020.  The franchise has marketed and presented to the consumer a unique look at life in the yachting industry.  And it’s as if the drama is right there, on tap, and it’s just a matter of catching the moment and branding it correctly. It has worked for eight seasons, and finally the Television Academy is giving recognition.

Brooke Laughton From Below Deck Mediterranean Is Engaged

As more and more Below Deck cast members progress through different stages of land-life, us fans will be able to reconnect with some familiar faces.  And isn’t it nice to see some happy, ecstatic brides-to-be or pregnancy bumps on social media?  But most alums slip from our minds, like Below Deck Mediterranean Season One deck hand Danny Zureikat, being hauled off on a donkey after a disastrous performance onboard.  Of course, production likely prefers casting fresh faces each season.  Especially with lower ranking staff, it’s one season and done with most of them.

Such was Brooke Laughton’s tenure on Below Deck Mediterranean.  She joined the crew as a very capable second stew in Season 3.  Brooke and Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier got along rather well until she started crushing on Joao Franco and Hannah ducked out of work responsibilities to smoke ciggies with Bosun Conrad Empson.  Third Stew Kasey Cohen also had her eye on Joao and a rather sloppy love triangle resulted.  Happier days were waiting for Brooke after she left the show, and just this week, she shared some very special news.

Hannah Ferrier

How are all you Below Deck Mediterranean fans feeling about this season? It’s the first season without long-time Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier. As an unapologetic Hannah stan, it’s been hard for me to watch without her. Especially considering Bravo decided to bring back Malia White, who was the cause of Hannah’s ultimate firing. Also, let’s be real, no one wants to watch Captain Sandy Yawn pretend to mentor these people when it’s really just a master class in micromanagement.

While Hannah might be gone from Below Deck Mediterranean, she has moved on to calmer seas. She got engaged and had a baby. But being a public figure and having a baby aren’t always the easiest thing, as Hannah recently found out on social media.

Katie Flood Below Deck Mediterranean

Anyone watching the new season of Below Deck Mediterranean knows that a boat romance is on the horizon.  Take that from experience watching the Below Deck franchise, and the powers of hiring a certain mix of attractive people and its inevitable that crew members will be hooking up.  It’s just a matter of who, when, and whether it will be a hookup or something more.

Boat romances are just messy, season after season.  Gary King and Sydney Zaruba didn’t wait past the first episode of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2.  This rather unfortunate decision prevented Gary from getting the girl he really wanted in the end.  Of course, Alli Dore moved on to greener pastures and is happily awaiting the birth of her first child with boyfriend.  Jessica More and Robert Westergaard got in over their heads with emotions, but there was nothing to keep them together in the end.  Even after a dream vacation in Bali together.  Former chief stew Hannah Ferrier and Bosun Conrad Empson bonded over cigarettes and a mutual distaste for Captain Sandy Yawn before things went sour over an argument about fifty euros.  This small sample of broken hearts is, of course, one reason we keep watching.