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It’s official. I absolutely adore Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow. On last night’s Botched by Nature, the good doctors head to the Alamo and help a war veteran, all the while enjoying television’s most amazing bromance. In Texas, Rosa is beside herself to meet the men (as I would be!) who want to help her after suffering burns from a lightning strike. After surviving two tours in Iraq, Rosa returned home to be struck during a storm. Her clothes caught fire, she went into cardiac arrest, and she was in a coma for two weeks. That is my biggest fear.

Over twenty-eight percent of Rosa’s body is covered in burns and the underwire in her bra fused into her skin during the incident. She is hopeful that Terry can fix her breasts as well as a shoddy tummy tuck she endured a year after her accident. Unfortunately, Terry and Paul are not able to do much about the scar tissue on her chest, but they can even out her breasts, remove the scar from the bra underwire, and smooth out her stomach. Both men are humbled by Rosa’s service and want to be able to give her something in return. 


How much do I love that Paul used to do some country line dancing back in the day! The doctors head to a western outfitter where Terry makes fun of Paul’s height and Paul retorts with digs that Terry is a pampered sloth, to paraphrase. Speaking of sloths, the store’s owner prides himself on carrying boots made from practically any animal you could find at the zoo. Paul is disturbed to find he’s attracted to a pair made from hippos, and he poo poos other styles crafted from alligator and kangaroo. Can’t he just have boots made from cow? He wouldn’t feel guilty about wearing those since he doesn’t fee guilty about eating hamburgers. Terry teases Paul for this logic, prompting Paul to cite that if Terry was a boot, it would be made from jackass. He then proceeds to to drag Terry around the store by his ankle in an attempt to extract him from a tight boot. I just love these guys!

BBN boots

Terry and Paul’s next stop is the capital of my home state…Columbia, South Carolina. When we spoke (yes, I am going to keep mentioning it because it will never get old to me!), both men said how lovely the found the people and places of South Carolina to be. After posting an Instagram picture, Terry notes that a lot of Southern ladies seem to have the hots for Paul. Paul wouldn’t mind settling down with a Southern belle. I’m right here, Paul! The duo arrives at Chrystal’s home to meet their newest patient who has a toe deformity. Terry wonders if Chrystal had to hide her toe growing up going to pool parties and how hard that must have been. Paul cryptically states that he has a bit of knowledge about this toe issue. 

Upon meeting Chrystal, she gushes about how adorable Terry is (you too, Paul) before feeding them some delicious looking sweet potato pie. She gets teary discussing her insecurities that come from her abnormal toes. She never wears open toed shoes, and she hates the idea of visiting the beach. She had a procedure on one of her feet, but it actually made her condition worse. Terry is confident he can fix the toe that hasn’t been surgically altered, but he worries he will only do more damage to the already boneless toe on her other foot. Terry suggests the offending toe be amputated, and it’s certainly not the solution that Chrystal was hoping to hear. Paul jumps in to share that he also suffers from the same deformity on his left foot. He can relate to the teasing and constant need to hide his foot.

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Leaving Chrystal’s house, Terry wonders why Paul has never been forthcoming with this news. Is he crazy? Paul doesn’t want to be subjected to Terry’s relentless joking. Terry is offended. He prefers to tease Paul for being fat, not his toe…which then becomes the subject of every one of Terry’s questions. As Paul gets older, he’s less concerned with how women will perceive his toe, plus he’s not dating that much anyway. Terry wants his friend to find love, and the best way to do that is to set up Paul with a Tinder profile. Obviously! Paul is looking for love in the late twenties to late thirties range, which is a tad disappointing for someone who lives by forty is the new thirty. Terry calls upon two young ladies to help describe Paul on the dating app while embarrassing Paul with throwback pictures. 

Before her surgery, Chrystal is shoe shopping with family and friends who have never seen her feet. They are supportive, and she expresses her concern that this operation will fail like the last time. She’s also still struggling with whether she wants her boneless toe to be amputated. In Los Angeles, Rosa has made her decision–she doesn’t want implants…a breast lift is enough. Terry also stresses how much more difficult it is to work with scar tissue as opposed to healthy skin. He also freaks out a bit when they lose electricity in their machinery–it’s not lost on Terry that these issues are occurring with a patient who has been struck by lightning. 

Chrystal is excited about her surgery, and Terry has brought in an orthopedic surgeon. After hearing him discuss the benefits of amputation and finally getting Paul’s blessing, Chrystal is confident in her decision to have her toe removed. After all, the unnecessary toe is causing her actual physical pain. Usually the surgery segments make me a bit queasy, but the toe bone graft is fascinating. The following day, Terry follows up with Rosa and is very pleased with the outcome, especially her tummy tuck. 

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I’ll tell you what–I want to meet Chrystal the next time I’m in Columbia. She is a riot! First she talks about how adorable Terry is without acknowledging Paul’s preciousness. Then, she greets the specialist as “There’s my favorite surgeon!” as Terry stands to the side like chopped liver. Hilarious! Of course, he calls her out on it. Chrystal isn’t quite sure she made the right choice by having her toe amputated. She’s starting to realize it was a part of her. Before she can dwell too much, Terry has the guest surgeon pull the pins out of the bone grafts. Did you see how long those things were??? Geez!  After she’s fully healed, Chrystal is meeting her friends for her first pedicure EVER. She’s beyond thrilled with the results and is happy to be pain-free. Pedicures, sandals, and beach trips? Chrystal is in for a brand new life! Likewise, Rosa is over the moon. She has the breasts and stomach she’s wanted, and she feels like she’s in a happy place after seven years of suffering. How can you not feel so amazing watching this show? 


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