Maddie Ziegler Wins An Industry Dance Award; Opens Up About The Mysterious Sia

Dance Moms

Even though Maddie Ziegler has left dance competitions and Dance Moms behind, she is still winning at life and still racking up the awards. Maddie was a presenter and award recipient at the 2016 Industry Dance Awards.

Not only does the event honor achievements in dance, but it also benefits the charitable organization Dancers Against Cancer, which raises funds and awareness to help people who are fighting cancer. Maddie was not the only Dance Moms star present at the event though.


Maddie’s little sister and fellow Dance Moms alum (and possible returning cast member) Mackenzie Ziegler was also on hand to present at the award show and dancer JoJo Siwa won an award from the organization as well. I’m sure Abby Lee Miller was pretty proud to know that ALDC members past and present were such a big deal at the event.

Not only is Maddie still killing it among the dance world, but she also remains as Sia’s right hand girl performing in her videos and on her upcoming Nostalgic for the Present concert tour. Maddie’s relationship with Sia has always fascinated me for many reasons.

First off, I wonder if Abby is happy for Maddie or if she is jealous that her former star dancer has another mentor. Second, I feel like there are very few people in the world who actually know what Sia is like since she is so mysterious and pretty much always has her face covered in public. 

Maddie has seen Sia’s face and described it by saying it is “a beautiful, loving, caring face.” Maddie also said, “People are always like, ‘Is she pretty? Is she ugly?’ I’m like, ‘She’s gorgeous!’ And it’s not just on the outside but on the inside, too.” Aaaw, that’s so sweet. Even with all the pressure and growing stardom, it really does seem like Maddie is a well-spoken and humble girl, which is definitely refreshing to see.

Maddie also made this adorable comment: “Sia’s like my second mom. She’s like a best friend to me.” I wonder how Maddie’s mother Melissa Gisoni and Abby feel about that comment, but hopefully they’re supportive Maddie and all of her relationships


Photo Credit: Lifetime