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Former Dance Moms’ Maddie Ziegler Launching Fashion Line With Nordstrom; Chloe Lukasiak Lands Another Movie Role!

There are some great things happening this week for the stars (and former stars) of Dance Moms, that’s for sure. Sure, Maddie Ziegler is launching her own clothing line for tweens and her one time teammate and friend Chloe Lukasiak is starring in yet another movie, but Abby Lee Miller’s sentencing on those fraud charges got postponed! Cheers to the ALDC, past and present!

We’ve already devoted time to the latter, so let’s focus on the former, shall we? It’s no secret that the ridiculous talent and genuine friendships shared among the dancers is the draw of the reality series…much more so than the asinine fighting between Abby and their mothers. The girls’ successes should be highlighted in light of all the craziness surrounding the show’s drama. It’s an exciting–and lucrative–time to be a former ALDC competitor!


As for the show’s breakout star and teacher’s pet, Maddie is introducing her latest endeavor, a fashion line creatively called “Maddie” she hopes will resonate with her peer group. Speaking to People, the thirteen-year-old superstar describes her desire to design clothes that are both fun and age appropriate. She gushes, “I’m very excited about it because this whole line is pretty much clothes that I’d want to wear.”

Maddie continues, “There’s a gap I feel. Kids’ clothes are either too childish or something I would never wear. And sometimes adult clothes are either too big on me or it’s just too grown up for me. I’m really excited to find the in-between so we can relate to what we want to wear instead of trying to look like something we’re not.”

Describing her own style as “casual chic and tomboyish yet girly,” Maddie elaborates, telling the site, “The looks are comfy and versatile, with pieces you can mix and match.” She adds, “These are all pieces you can dance in. I want everyone to feel comfortable and not restrictive.”

As a dancing phenom, her aesthetic checks all the boxes for an on-the-go young teenager, with the brand’s tag line aptly being, “wear what moves you.” The collection features 30 pieces which include flannel shirts, bomber jackets, high wasted jeans, and slouchy sweaters. Basically, Maddie is helping to bring back the early 1990s, and for that I love her even more. Items will range from $25 to $150 with sizes for girls and juniors. It will be available in Nordstrom beginning October 10th after debuting on her website October 3rd. 

Not surprisingly, Maddie’s friend and biggest competitor from the ALDC is also enjoying the fruits of her hard work. Fresh from appearing in Lifetime’s reboot of a classic dance movie, Chloe is branching out with her acting. After the amazingness that was Center Stage: On Pointe, Deadline is reporting that the one time focus of Abby’s wrath is adding two additional movie credits to her IMDB page. After finishing the feature film Cowgirl’s Story, Chloe is starting work on an indie film entitled Loophole from JCFilms. In a starring role, Chloe plays a college student at the center of the age old battle of good versus evil that spans several centuries and threatens to destroy the world. Her character’s bloodline has the power to make that happen, or, in turn, squash the evil for good. And I thought the Twilight series was over…

Don’t y’all doubt for a second that I won’t be the first person to see this movie…while purchasing one of Maddie’s slouchy sweaters in the largest size available. I love my Dance Moms girls!


Photo Credit: Seventeen Magazine