Caroline Manzo Etsy Shop Friendly Monkey Soap

At this point, putting your name on products is customary for Real Housewives and Housewives alums. However, I can’t help wondering how involved these women are was “designers.” The only one that I’m not doubting when it comes to slapping her name on a product is Caroline Manzo who is making her own soaps in her kitchen. She is probably the only one that actually has a hand in making her own products and now you can buy Caroline’s soaps on Etsy.

Since Caroline is known for cooking up massive Italian meals for her family, I figured she would focus on something food related, so the soap selling seems a little random to me, but I guess it is made in her kitchen so that does make sense. And I really do think it’s nice that she is so genuinely involved in her own business, which is not always the case for these reality stars.


Caroline Manzo Etsy Shop Friendly Monkey Soap

Caroline’s shop is called Friendly Monkey Soap. She shared the news about joining Etsy in a post on her Instagram page.

Caroline wrote, “Thank you so much for all of your interest in my soaps! To make things easier I opened an Etsy shop. It doesn’t have much on there yet, but we add things regularly. #friendlymonkeysoapco @friendlymonkeysoapco”

This is exciting news for the mother of three who is experiencing some empty nest syndrome these days since her daughter Lauren Manzo and husband Vito Scalia just moved out of the Manzo house. Caroline is definitely making the most of her time during this transitional phase of her life.

It’s hard to take most of these Real Housewives businesses seriously, but since Caroline is actually involved in this project, I look at it differently. And I wonder how well her soaps will end up doing.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo and Instagram]