Sister Wives Season Premiere Recap: Meet Tony

Greetings, dear readers. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. TLC clearly wanted to prolong your celebration by giving you an extra hour of the premiere of Sister Wives for which you can be grateful. Twice the Kody Brown follicles, twice the teen wedding shenanigans! We’ve got double the Christine happy pills, Janelle frankness, and Meri passive aggression. Robyn was there as well. 🙂 Fix up a turkey sandwich with those amazing leftovers, and prepare to roll your eyes at the antics of the Brown family.

As the super-sized season begins, the Browns are ecstatic about Madison’s upcoming wedding which, in TV time, is two month away. Maddie asks Truely if she’ll be the flower girl. The wives joke about pulling off a traditional wedding given polygamist ceremonies are quiet and low key with minimal guests. Christine’s got jokes (they won’t be mothers-in-law, more like outlaws!), and everyone seems to be genuinely getting along on the velour sofa. Christine has clearly upped her meds given Mykelti’s news that she’s ready to marry her boyfriend of five months. She has to approach Kody before Tony asks for his daughter’s hand. She calls her husband, and Kody is prepared for the worst even though he’s very used to getting urgent texts and calls from his wives about something important. Christine regrets how her initial conversation went with Mykelti – she wasn’t excited or supportive.


When Kody arrives at Christine’s house, she blurts out the news that Tony is going to ask for his blessing to marry Mykelti. Kody is shocked. In fact, he seems to be at a loss for words. I’ll take it! Kody is confused…they barely know Tony. The family has only met him a few times. Six months ago, Mykelti wanted to move to Seattle. The only reason they sent her to St. George, Utah, was it better fit their budget and had hopes she’d get bored there and return to college. While Kody is sure Tony’s a nice kid, he’d like to get to know him a little better. Kody questions when the duo plans to wed, and he’s worried that she’ll try to race Madison to the altar. Kody needs his body and his bank account to have some time to recover after Madison and Caleb tie the knot. Neither Christine nor Kody are over the moon at what lies ahead, but they decide to invite Tony to dinner.

Tony and Mykelti arrive for dinner with Kody, Christine, and all of their children. Mykelit nervously introduces her boyfriend to the producers, and Tony shares his plans to ask for Kody’s blessing. He reveals that even if Kody says no, he’ll ask regardless. After the meal, Tony pulls Kody aside, and Kody purposefully makes it hella awkward by taking his daughter’s boyfriend into the master bedroom and making him share a seat on a very tiny love seat. Tony anxiously gets to the point, and Kody inquires if Tony is okay marrying Mykelti even though she’s not allowed to join the Mormon church. Kody tempers his response with a few requests. He wants any future grandchildren to be taught about plural marriage, and he wants Tony and Mykelti to wait about a year before getting married. Tony is fine with the first stipulation, but Tony puts his foot down about the time frame. They want to get married in August, which is about four months from their conversation. Kody knows he needs to tread lightly so they don’t up and elope. He is willing to work with Tony, but he asks that they remain pure until their wedding night. Tony is fine with that as long as they only have to wait a few more months!

sister wives kody and tony

Kody invites Christine and Mykelti to join the conversation. Both Christine and Kody are still nervous about the thought of such a quick courtship, but Mykelti is adamant about wanting an outdoor wedding, so it needs to be this summer. Tony wonders if it’s a financial issue. If so, can’t Christine just take out a second mortgage? Sheesh, Tony! Do you know what hoops they had to jump through to get the cul-de-sac compound?? Christine is bewildered to learn that Kody has given his blessing, and she’s vocal about not being ready. She wants to hear more about their relationship from Chris and Dawn, the pawn shop owners who have employed Mykelti. Kody implores Tony to wait to propose until Christine is more used to the idea. Tony reluctantly agrees, but in his sofa interviews, he dismisses Kody and Christine’s hesitation while Mykelti remains mute. He actually comes across as a bit of an ass, in my opinion, and Mykelti isn’t acting like her normal self around him. Don’t do it, girl!

Mykelti’s bosses Chris and Dawn (aka her Utah mom and dad) arrive, and Kody and Christine are anxious to pick their brains about their daughter’s relationship with Tony. The couple reveals that Mykelti dates a lot and wants to join the LDS church. Kody agrees that Mykelti would be a good fit as a mainstream Mormon, but he wonders if by “dating a lot” whether it means Mykelti is dating lots of people or dating Tony a lot. Chris shares that Mykelti was denied membership to the Mormon church because of her parents’ lifestyle, which is what happened to Madison. The pair is surprised when Kody tells them that Mykelti is engaged to Tony, but they urge Kody and Christine to allow them to marry when they want, which is just several weeks after Madison’s ceremony. Kody explains that Madison and Janelle deserve their own time, but Don counters that if they are forbidden, they may do it anyway and cause a rift in the family. This is not the conversation Christine was expecting. She was hoping this couple would take the same stance as her and Kody.

sister wives christine kody

Christine and Kody resign themselves to the fact they are going to have to relay this news to the other wives. Janelle is totally going to lose it. Kody and Christine are concerned since they aren’t excited about the engagement, and Christine is fearful Janelle will think Mykelti is trying to upstage her sister. They invite Meri, Robyn, and Janelle over, and Christine rushes through the news. Janelle is speechless and questions the rush. Meri feels badly that Mykelti’s news isn’t being received with the same joy that met Maddie’s engagement. Everyone keeps talking about how young Mykelti is while finding it ironic given she and Maddie are the same age. Robyn finds this behavior to be impulsive, and Meri believes she is just trying to follow in her sister’s footsteps. Robyn questions whether Mykelti and Tony are getting married so quickly to they can do the mattress mambo. The crew agrees to hold off sharing the news with the children until Christine and Kody can have further conversations with Mykelti and Tony regarding the timeline.

The following day, Kody, Janelle, Christine, and Meri head to Colorado to meet Madison and Caleb to finalize some wedding plans. Janelle cites the process as a committee decision, but Christine claims she is trying to defer to her sister wife since it’s her daughter. Joke’s on them! Maddie is going to do what she wants to do, and she wants an open bar. Kody isn’t concerned with the idea of offering alcohol, but he wants to make sure no one gets totally sloshed. The group sits back to enjoy a tasting from the caterer, and Christine channels her inner Bostonian, praising the wicked good smashed potatoes. Next up? Flowers! Maddie wants wildflowers for her bohemian themed wedding. As the florist learns about Maddie’s multiple mothers, she jokes that there could be perks of sharing her husband. Maddie asks about a toss-bouquet, and Kody acts incredibly childishly about the idea of Caleb throwing Maddie’s garter. How tacky! His wives disagree, and he goes to pout in the car. If his daughter wears a garter under her dress, he wants to know nothing about it! Finally, the family moves on to a cake tasting, and I truly think I gained ten pounds just watching this damn episode. Maddie is having a frosting-free “naked” cake, and Caleb wants an elk-shaped groom’s cake, complete with huckleberries and red velvet. Someone has been watching Steel Magnolias, and it makes me love Caleb even more.

sister wives kody and wives

Back in Las Vegas, Kody stops by Meri’s to catch up with his first wife. The pair discusses Mariah, and Meri admits that her daughter is still reluctant to talk to her in light of the whole catfishing situation. Kody teases Meri, but Meri retorts that it’s not okay for her daughter to be so disrespectful…she needs to get over it. Kody too, if she’s being honest. Kody delves forward, and Meri challenges him to make a decision as to the state of their relationship. She wonders if he his okay with how they are, and she’s suprised to hear he doesn’t see an issue. Kody suggests the two go to counseling together, and Meri agrees. The topic returns to Mariah, and Meri asserts Mariah is angry at her and doesn’t understand the situation. Kody offers to go speak to Mariah, and Meri snaps that Kody is just as bad.

Meri wants to be close to Kody, but she feels incredibly alone, especially when dealing with their daughter. Kody is confused…Meri totally asked him to back off from their relationship. Maybe that’s part of the reason Mariah is upset. Kody tells producers that Meri asked that he not come back to the house. He doesn’t want to discuss it further, but he’s trying not to lose hope over their relationship getting repaired. Kody doesn’t want Meri to act like he is abandoning her when she’s the one who told him to leave. He really thinks they need to high tail it to the therapist. Meri is antagonistic, and Kody, for the first time perhaps in the history of the series, is at a loss for words. A tearful Meri is concerned that when push comes to shove, Kody won’t follow through with couple’s therapy. The pair is at an awkward impasse. Kody admits that this is one conversation he wishes hadn’t been filmed for the show.


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