Julie Montagu Says Caroline Stanbury Is Her Opposite; Brags That She Already Has A “Real” Crown

It’s no secret that Caroline Stanbury isn’t a fan of Julie Montagu and her persistent Lady of The Manor chase this season on Ladies Of London. But Julie doesn’t chalk Caroline’s feelings up to jealousy over her title – she just thinks they’re opposites with “big personalities.” If by “big,” she means that Caroline is an F5 tornado and she’s a slight mist on the horizon after a summer sprinkling of rain…then, okay! I’ll bite.

Julie also thinks Caroline’s issue with her lies at the very heart of Mapperton – an estate that Julie and her husband Luke are poised to be saddled with for life take on. Caroline, having grown up on stuffy estates like Mapperton, has repeatedly bemoaned that she wants nothing to do with that sort of lifestyle or its aristocratic chains anymore. “Caroline and I, I think we’re both big personalities, and I believe we’re totally opposite in every way. She’s basically rebelling against what I’m just about to take on,” says Julie.


Thus, says Julie, Caroline is out to get her. “‘Do I think she’s jealous of me?’ No. But I think it’s something that she ran away from, that she doesn’t like. And so even stepping foot on Mapperton makes her feel incredibly uncomfortable,” she tells Bravo’s Daily Dish.

Add to this tension Sophie Stanbury’s newly minted loyalty to Julie, and the ladies seem to be placed squarely in a virtual powder keg of resentment and fury. Sophie, Caroline’s soon to be ex-sister in law, claims she just wants to be at peace with both women, but didn’t do much to broker this peace when she went behind Caroline’s back at the beginning of this season, spreading gossip to Julie about Caroline’s opinion of her.

Since filming, Julie says things are more civil. Asked whether she and Caroline are in contact, Julie answers, “Do we speak to each other every day? No. Do we speak to each other often? No. Do we very occasionally send each other a decently nice text? Yes.” Aww. Decently nice texts, y’all! (Progress?)

Although some have wondered if Julie has been clamoring to yank Caroline’s queen bee status away and lock it in one of the dusty halls of Mapperton, Julie says otherwise. She also doesn’t miss an opportunity to throw shade at Caroline for NOT having a title (a fact that Julie innocently claims no one should be “jealous” of).

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Stating that she’s “content and happy” just as she is, Julie explains, “I’m certainly not trying to pull a crown off of anybody’s head because, listen, I already have one. I am gonna be the Countess of Sandwich. There is actually a family tiara that I wore on my wedding, so I actually do have a real one. So I’m fine with the one that I already have.”

Julie also says she hates to use the word “jealous,” but does wryly admit that “when you have a title in England, it’s like extra-credit points. There are special benefits to having a title. There are special circumstances that you would get over anybody else because you have a title.”

Julie adds that the “automatic respect” awarded to British citizens with a title is also at play – but she totally doesn’t lord it over anyone. Really! <eye roll> “It’s the weirdest thing ever, but there is still this sense of glamorizing people who do have a title. You do sometimes get special treatment because of it.”

So, is all of this so-called “hatred” of the word jealousy why we see previews for next week of Julie snarking that Caroline had to “rent a castle” (the NERVE!) for the trip to Scotland she’s hosting? It couldn’t be Julie gloating over the title she so adamantly defends as NOT being a point of contention, right?  Because Julie is just so humble and not a try hard at all.


Photo Credit: Tristan Fewings/Bravo