Teen Mom 2 recap

Is anyone else tired of watching a reality show where the stars share only certain parts of their life they are comfortable with and demand privacy on others? They signed up for a reality show and collect a paycheck to show their lives, good and bad, right? Well, on last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2, there is one instance where I think privacy is allowed (even if you’re Jenelle Evans) and that’s announcing your pregnancy.

Unless you have been living under a rock, we all know that Jenelle is pregnant again with boyfriend David Eason. For all you rock dwellers, you get to see her denial of the situation play out in front of the cameras. While I don’t think Jenelle handled it in a way that helped her haters any, I can understand why she wouldn’t want to announce she’s pregnant before she is at a place she’s comfortable with. Every woman should be allowed to do that, even a Teen Mom none of us can stand.


Teen Mom 2 recap

Before we get to that mess, let’s start with the mess that is Leah Messer’s house. She’s busy packing up and moving to her new place by throwing a bunch of random house junk into the back of a U-haul. Leah takes a break to brag to her brother-in-law about how organized she thinks this move is (maybe for her!) and how proud she is to finally own her own home. I thought she talked about a landlord last week but maybe that was referring to her current house as opposed to the new one? Who knows and it’s hard to keep up with this level of disarray. They head over to the new house for the night so she can get busy crapping that one up too.

The next day around her fire pit, Leah tells her family about where she wants to take the girls on vacation. Hawaii is out of the question because the flight is too long but she found a place in Mexico that sounds great. Send prayers to whatever hotel staff has to deal with her on vacation. Leah also uses this opportunity to gripe about Jeremy Calvert recently taking Addie to Ohio “without her knowing” and gets on her high horse to say maybe he can learn something about communication when he sees how maturely she handles asking if the girls can go on vacation. And by maturely, she must mean sending a text message about it, right? Right, because that’s what she does.


Jeremy is hanging in his camper and gets Leah‘s text about taking the girls to Mexico. He is concerned about their safety in a foreign country such as Mexico, although I’m not totally sure why. She’s taking them to a resort on the coast, the only threat to safety will likely be getting a case of the runs. But ok, he’s entitled to question it. He decides to call Corey Simms about it to get his thoughts and of course, Corey knows nothing about it. Is Leah still applauding herself for all this great communication? Jeremy then calls Leah to tell her he doesn’t like the idea and if she would have just picked up the phone and called him to begin with instead of sending a text, all of this probably could have been avoided.

But Leah needs to be the victim here and complains again to her sister about how irrational Jeremy is and how Jeremy’s actions could have caused a huge issue with Corey (who, for the record, said he didn’t care). Leah insists Jeremy crossed the line and as always, her sister nods and takes it up a notch, agreeing with what a trouble maker Jeremy is.

Teen Mom 2

Everything is going well for Chelsea Houska as she takes Aubree to her last day of kindergarten. Everything but for her ex Adam, that is. Apparently, he hasn’t been paying child support into one of her accounts to the tune of $3,500. A few days later, Chelsea gets a text from Taylor saying she is likely going to court this week for Adam failing to pay her child support as well.

One of the producers sits down with Adam in the gym and asks if she can film him and his life. Adam says there is nothing going on in his life and blames the show for no positive depiction from the guys. He says Chelsea is getting her happy ending by getting married to Cole DeBoer, while pushing him out of the picture, even though she is ok with collecting his child support check that he’s not even paying. Yes, that’s how child support works – it’s a financial means to take care of your child, not a guarantee for a relationship with your ex. When the producer asks about child support, he says he is all paid up and if he wasn’t, he would be in jail. He then agrees to be filmed with his kids but when the crew shows up at his house, he evades them by sending a text and then sneaking off in his car. This is the problem with his complaints about not being depicted well on the show – he has a chance to do so and to clear things up that are being said about it, but instead, he stomps off like a little kid when he’s mad.


Picking up where we left off, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin continue their argument in the car after they dropping the boys off at camp. Javi is just trying to make conversation and Kail is being defensive on every turn. Her voice is even a few octaves higher as she assures him how “good” she is. As Javi gets some things from the house, Kailyn rushes him through checking his mail and snaps at him to leave as soon as possible because she needs to get to Starbucks. She also demands his house keys back and refuses to let him throw out some of his mail in the kitchen garbage because it’s full. Damn, #teampetty in full effect. I don’t know what she’s thinking but this is the guy she is going to co-parent her child with so she might want to let him throw out his mail inside the house. Is it really that big of a deal?

As soon as Javi leaves, Kail calls her friend to complain about how Javi needs more than a day to move his stuff out and get situated after being deployed for six months! I am yelling at the TV, “give the poor guy a break” but Kail will have none of it. When a producer says that Javi will drop off the kids later, she throw a fit and says she will go and pick them up. She whines about how smothered she feels and how she can’t deal with not being able to do her own thing. Sounds awfully suspicious if you ask me. Looks like Kail is hiding something. Or someone.


Jenelle is happy as a clam that she and David found a plot of land to build a house on. David is geeked out about building 500 foot driveway. As the two drive to see their plot, they speak in codes about how happy and shocked they are as David clutches her stomach. Not obvious at all *eye roll*. Of course the producers see this and ask if David and Jenelle want to talk about anything or share any news, then show them footage of the car ride on her phone for good measure. Jenelle denies she’s pregnant and says David rubs her belly all the time. As the producer pushes more, they chalk the whole conversation up to their excitement about the piece of land. Riiiiight. No one is buying it but the producers have no choice but to drop it.

That is until a police report of a car accident Jenelle and David were in gets leaked. It has “personal information”, according to Jenelle, and now people are spreading rumors about her online. They are only rumors if they aren’t true, toots, but ok, let’s not split hairs on this one. The producer sits down with Barb, hoping for more information, but Barb reports she got yelled at for even asking Jenelle if she’s pregnant. Barb points out its Jenelle’s fourth pregnancy at the ripe old age of 24 and David’s third kid with 3 different mothers and maybe she doesn’t want to be pregnant. Looks like regardless, we can expect a new arrival any day now!


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