I have no idea how Asa Soltan Rahamati ended up being a reality TV star. I get that she’s had years of history with the other cast members on Shahs of Sunset, but she doesn’t share much of her own reality on this show. We really know nothing about Asa other than her opinions on other people’s drama and the products she wants to sell. I’m curious about how her pregnancy and life as a new mom will factor into the show.

Asa is gushing about being a new mom, but I wonder if she’s even going to mention it at all on Shahs of Sunset. For years, we’ve seen zero aspects of her personal life, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she just never addressed her baby bump and they just cropped her kid out of scenes. I know I sound harsh, but I can’t be the only one who thinks this, right? Well, Asa has had a lot to say about her baby and boyfriend Jermaine Jackson Jr. and it might be all we get given her past history on this show, so check it out.


I am hoping Asa lets go and lets the show feature some aspects of her pregnancy and life as a mom next season. There are only so many caftan-related story lines that I can handle.

Asa opened up about being a mother to her son Soltan in an interview with E! News. Asa declared, “Words truly can’t describe the way you feel.” Aaaww. She also said, “Jermaine and I just stare at Soltan’s face all day. It’s amazing. I smell his skin and he looks at me and [he] just started smiling this week. Every little thing just makes us so happy.” That’s very sweet.

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I felt like that was a very nice and normal sentiment. Now, I just am a little thrown off by her talking about her relationship with Jermaine as if we know anything about it. I’m happy that she’s finally being open about her life, but I’m surprised that she’s talking about her relationship.

Asa gushed, “It’s so emotional. Soltan has my chin and hair and the rest is his dad. I can’t even look at Jermaine the same way anymore. It’s the cutest thing! You see a new facet of your beloved that you’ve never seen.” Yeah, well I’ve “never seen” her “beloved” on the show, so I can relate. Obviously, I’m kidding, but this seems so out of character for her to be so open about her life so I’m a little taken aback.

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I just want to see more of Asa’s actual life on this show. No one cares about the diamond water, the caftans, or being a self-proclaimed priestess, which I still don’t really get in all honesty. This is the kind of stuff that people can relate to. This is what we need on this show.

Asa continued bragging about the ultra mysterious relationship, “Just when I thought I could not love Jermaine more, we slipped into new depth of absolute love for each other that’s totally different from before. He’s honestly, and I knew this, the most incredible dad.” Aawww.


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