Teen Mom 2 Reunion Part 2: When Heck Freezes Over


If you happened to catch last week’s part one of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, along with the backstage footage, you would know there was major drama with who else? Jenelle Evans and anyone associated with her. Because of mom Barbara Evans and their never ending custody dispute of Jace, Jenelle stormed off set and threatened to book the next flight home. But here we are, on set with Jenelle and her whole crew of drama seekers and hangers on, to hear more about what it’s like to live a life of complete chaos.

Dr. Drew gives Jenelle the shadiest intro possible, talking her up as “sober, in a stable relationship and pregnant with her third child” as if those are all major achievements in life.

After we are treated to a clip of Jenelle’s best (re: worst) moments of the season, we jump right into her issues with ex and second baby daddy, Nathan Griffin. Jenelle is 1) convinced he is still in love with her and 2) mentally unstable. Sounds like the two go hand in hand so I won’t argue with that point just yet. No, I will let Dr. Drew do the dirty work on that one. He practically laughs out loud at Jenelle for suggesting Nathan still wants to be with her and I would bet his crew neck t-shirt under his suit coat that so much of what he had to say about it was edited out or we would have had hours of footage. Where is Jenelle getting this idea? Well, Nathan has suggested they go out to dinner alone to discuss co-parenting their son, Kaiser. Also, he sends her and current boyfriend/baby daddy to child number three, David Eason, drunken texts in the middle of the night. Dr. Drew suggests that Jenelle is continuing the claim that Nathan is in love with her because she loves to have drama in her life and she protests by saying she doesn’t…..just with her mom, and her ex, and multiple custody battles. But other than that, her life is totally great!


Now it’s time to hear from good ole Drunk Text himself, Nathan, who comes onto set in an all black shiny suit, looking like he has a job interview with Satan later. At least he ditched that terrible ponytail haircut. In an attempt to defend himself, Dumb Dumb claims that Jenelle text a friend of theirs with a naked picture of him, his nicknamed penis and talked about how David couldn’t errr, measure up. At this point, I excused myself to go throw up and you can too. I won’t hold it against you. I come back and thankfully, they have moved on to arguing about custody. They go back and forth about whether or not Nathan can call or email or what form of communication is acceptable per the agreement and Jenelle tries to squeeze out a few fake tears while the cameras keep cutting back to show shots of David looking perplexed in those dumb glasses.


Sensing this is going nowhere and looking for an opportunity to really push the envelope, Dr. Drew tries sitting down on the couch in between Jenelle and David to mediate the conversation but Nathan immediately storms off, grumbling how he is too old for this. When he is finally coaxed back on set, he is on the phone with his mom, confirming that he does spend time with his son when he has visitation.

Moving on….we then get to relive the infamous Mason Jar Beatdown of 2016 through the eyes of both parties and it goes a little something like this: Jenelle’s version is that she had a mason jar, was only interested in the welfare of her son and when a dangerous combination of worried mom and condensation around the glass collided, ooopsies, it just slipped out of her hand and into the waiting head of her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s head. Nathan’s version is that Jenelle stormed onto their property like a “bat out of heck”. Out of heck, everyone! This guy is talking about his member in detail on national television but won’t say “hell”. Even Dr. Drew can’t take this nonsense and dismisses Nathan, while all parties agree that they will never, ever get on good terms, let alone be romantically involved.


But the Great Penis Debate isn’t over. When Barb comes out for her camera time, Jenelle is busy on the phone calling the friend that Nathan claimed Jenelle sent his nude picture to, which is why David is jealous of him. Dr. Drew would like to move on (along with everyone else watching, especially me) but according to Jenelle, Nathan is sulking backstage, very hurt. I am dying inside more and more based on the fact that we are still talking about Nathan’s penis at this stage of the reunion.

Moving on (PLEASE). Barb makes the mistake of telling Jenelle to breathe as she fake cries and Jenelle snaps at her for being all buddy buddy with Nathan backstage. The conversation quickly escalates because Barb won’t give Jace back, only wants camera time and also has the audacity to interrupt Jenelle when she talks. Blah, blah, blah. They argue over lunch, Barb’s osteoporosis, and everything that two people on a show about teen moms could argue about until David’s repeated texts to Jenelle to leave the stage become obvious. Jenelle doesn’t but it’s noted by Dr. Drew.

Finally, Barb gets a chance to talk about her feelings about David. She admits he is good to Jenelle and seems to be a good father but Barb thinks he is mooching off Jenelle and her Teen Mom 2 money. Barb is hurt that Jenelle wants nothing to do with her and Jenelle just wants her son back. Dr. Drew tries to center the conversation but he is outnumbered and quickly backs down as Jenelle and Barb talk over him. On that note, they wrap up and I have a massive headache. Nothing is really solved but I’m sure no one is surprised.


It’s time to talk to Leah Messer, who has been patiently waiting back stage. She gives us an update on the girls and a health update on Allie. Leah is going back to school and says she is happy with life the way it is and is good being single. She is finally at a point in her life where she is OK being alone and she wants to stay that way for now. Corey Simms joins in via Skype from a cabin somewhere in the woods where he likely just finished taxiderming something. He talks a little about the floods and all I gathered from that is that the waters swept away his razor collection with the beard he is sporting. All is good between Corey and Leah and Dr. Drew marvels at how far they have come and how things have progressed.


With that, it’s time to end the show and all the moms come out on stage so Dr. Drew can celebrate that Teen Mom 2 has had their 100th episode this season/kept him employed for this long. He invites the whole cast and crew out for some cake as streamers and confetti fall from the ceiling to commemorate everyone surviving 100 episodes of crazy. Congrats to all of us who have been along for the ride!



Photo Credit: MTV