Survivor: Game Changers Episode 4 Preview: Dirty Deed

Well how do you follow up last week’s historically epic Tribal Council? We’re about to find out as Survivor promises yet another doozy of an episode.

There is bound to be some fall-out for JT after all of the craziness he caused at Tribal, but the focus of tonight’s episode may be over at one of the opposing tribes, where it appears Deb goes full-out “Deb” and has a major melt-down. In case you missed last week’s episode, you can get caught up here with our Episode 3 Recap, as well as the Exit Interview with the beloved contestant who was shockingly (#wow) sent home last week.


Dirty Deed

So we’ve had a week now to sort out just what went down at Tribal, and all signs point to JT making what is probably a fatal move for his game going forward. Hey, you can’t fault the guy for trying, he is a former “perfect game” winner and has taken big swings now in both of his last two times playing. They haven’t always been the smartest or most well-thought-out of moves, but at least JT is living up to the “game changers” moniker.

I do want to make a correction from the Podcast last week, where I had stated that Hali had voted along with JT‘s tribe to vote out Sierra. Hali showed some discourse and obviously wasn’t fully on-board with Brad and the rest of her tribe, but she ultimately cast a vote towards Malcolm. JT, too, ultimately voted along with the rest of his tribe, even after relaying info over to Brad that they were going to be voting for Sierra.

Where JT‘s plan went awry was that he really had hoped that Brad’s tribe would have voted out Sandra, whom JT saw as the biggest threat. You can’t quite blame him again…sure, his current tribe had the 6-5 numbers advantage at Tribal, but JT was clearly on the bottom, despite a budding bromance with Malcolm that had been forming. He could have fallen in line and just laid low, and could have just voted along with his tribe, but he really felt threatened and like he was going to be the next person targeted to go home on his tribe. With Sandra gone, he feels like he and Malcolm might have been in a position of power, and at the same time he would have gained mad favor with Brad and his alliance for showing loyalty across enemy lines at Tribal.

Dirty Deed

The flaw in thinking was not only that Brad would do exactly what JT recommended he do, but in thinking that voting out Sandra would go over well with his current tribe and his bestie, Malcolm. Malcolm even said in his exit interview (listen to the podcast!) that even if Sandra would have been voted out, that JT would “be dead to me” once they got back to camp, for making this move all on his own. Had it of been a move that both JT and Malcolm (or others), were on board with, that’s a different story. But “going rogue” looks like it was a short-sighted “lose-lose” scenario for poor JT. It cost him his closest current ally in Malcolm, but he now has Sandra’s cross-hairs pointed directly at him…and just ask Tony, that’s no place to be.

That brings us to tonight’s episode, entitled “Dirty Deed.” Here is the synopsis from CBS:

“Dirty Deed” – One castaway searches for an immunity idol they desperately need in order to stay in the game, and another castaway throws their game off balance after they lose their cool, on SURVIVOR, Wednesday, March 29 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS.

So it’s pretty clear that JT will be scrambling to find an Idol, and that if he doesn’t, he will likely go home if his tribe loses the Immunity Challenge. The more interesting development is with Deb, who is shown in the Video Preview as completely losing her cool with several others on her tribe. What’s the trigger for her blow-up? What exactly is she upset with? We’ll have to see, as I don’t recall anything specific that would have gotten her that upset.

Dirty Deed

We move another step closer to the merge tonight, and you won’t want to miss any of the action. Be sure to check back in here for my full Recap/Reaction to tonight’s episode and you won’t want to miss the latest FilmSurvivor Podcast right here at RealityTea, where I’ll be speaking with the latest person to get voted out of Survivor: Game Changers.  Remember, the best way to get all of my Survivor coverage and movie reviews is to follow me on Twitter – @tomsantilli – or on Facebook.


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