Tom Santilli

Tom Santilli is an entertainment writer who has been covering Survivor professionally since 2010 (he has been a devout fan of the show since Day One). Tom is an approved member of the CBS press corp covering Survivor and has access to weekly interviews with contestants voted off the show each week. Tom has interviewed many of the "A-List" Survivors including Richard Hatch, Russell Hantz, Sandra Diaz-Twine, John Cochran and countless others. In 2012, he became a voting member of the Survivor Hall of Fame, one of just a handful of press members to do so. Tom has also been a guest on the popular, "Rob Has a Podcast," hosted by Survivor Rob Cesternino. His blog,, combines his Survivor coverage with his movie reviews, as Tom is also an established film critic, entertainment writer and current President of the Detroit Film Critics Society, who appears weekly on the syndicated TV show, "Movie Show Plus" (check local listings) and on FOX-2 in Detroit on the "CriticLEE Speaking" movie show.

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