Abby Lee Miller

Never say never, right? You know how sometimes, late at night, celebrities like to get on social media and rant? Maybe they’ve had a few cocktails. Maybe it was just a long day. Usually these things get deleted before sunrise, but sometimes you wake up and realize you quit your job in an all caps Instagram post! Such is the case with Abby Lee Miller who bid an Internet farewell to the network who made her a star over seven seasons of its hit show Dance Moms.

Alleging manipulation and a lack of artistic integrity, Abby gave the boot to the production team who she claims reveled in her mistreatment. However, amid rumblings that the show will go on without her (with former Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke at the helm), Abby is back tracking…just a little.


In an interview with People, Abby reveals, “This was a long time coming for me, Nobody knew. I was just so irate,” adding, “There was a lot that went on. I don’t think that [the production company] has ever been able to differentiate between my livelihood, which they think is a TV show, and my livelihood as a dance teacher with a dance studio. To me, I never know when the show’s going to end. I know my dance studio is not going to end until I say it ends.”

Abby claims the last straw happened when producers manufactured fake drama with unpaid audience members at a competition. Wait, isn’t that what the show has always been about?

She recalls, “I had about 50 kids and their families at the competition that are not on a TV show and don’t get paid. They were paying to be there! They’re all there and the producer has this psycho crazy woman – who I’ve never seen, never talked to, never met her – stalking me through the audience stating things like, ‘All your team left you. They want nothing to do with you.’ In front of 50 families from my studio. He can’t understand why that would anger me! It is absolutely nuts. That was the last straw for me.”

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Of course, when asked whether she’d return to the show, Abby responds, “Never say never,” but admits that the network hasn’t reached out to her since her rant. She continues, “It just sickens me when people get creative credit with our ideas. A lot of things would have to change. Just the way they pull things out of their butts the last minute and it makes the costuming exhausting. They want me to come to meetings, pre-production, but on my own dime.”

Not surprisingly, Abby will miss being in the spotlight. She explains, “There are certain aspects of the creativity, working in the studio creating and developing a dancer – I’m going to miss that. I love teaching children. I love teaching dance, but I’ve been doing this for 35 years and yet I don’t get the trust or respect that I deserve. I don’t think anybody on my team did.”

Am I missing something? She can still teach dance and work with kids and create in her studio without a television show…that is if she doesn’t go to jail!


[Photo Credit: Instagram]