Dance Moms season finale recap

This sentencing has been hanging over Abby Lee Miller‘s head since forever, so I cannot imagine how Abby herself feels about it getting drawn out in such a public manner with no conclusion. And now the Dance Moms star has to wait even longer to hear about her fate since her sentencing that was scheduled for February 24 has been delayed.

To recap, Abby was indicted on 20 different counts of fraud in October 2016. In June 2016, Abby was charged with violating currency reporting laws which allegedly included her having “people sneak $120,000 from Australia via plastic bags.” She plead guilty and Abby (and the Dance Moms) fans are waiting to find out what happens.


I get anxious when there’s a commercial break at the end of Dance Moms episodes right before they announced which dancers placed at competition. Waiting around to see if Abby ends up behind bars is a million times worse and I don’t even know her. I can’t even imagine how Abby, her dancers, and even her rivals feels as this keeps getting pushed off.

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I find it hilarious that this all really came about when a bankruptcy judge watched Dance Moms and put it together that Abby never reported netting any income from the show. It makes me wonder if the judge “happened to be flipping through the channels” and ended up watching Lifetime or if he was a low key fan of the series. Obviously, there are more pressing matters to address in this situation, but I cannot help my curiosity when it comes to this part in the case.

But anyway, jumping back tot he present. According to a Deadline article, Abby was supposed to find out if she would be going to jail on February 24. As of now, “The sentencing will be rescheduled by further order of court,” and there is no new date decided. Believe it or not, it wasn’t even Abby who requested the delay. The U.S. Attorney’s office is behind the request and Abby’s legal team complied – obviously. Personally, I would just want to get this over with, but Abby seems like the kind of person who would prefer for this to be dragged out.

Speaking of the show,  I would love to know what’s going on with that. According to the same article, Dance Moms has been filming but there is still “no official word” on whether or not it will be back. I’m sure it will be, or at the very least if there isn’t enough footage for a season, there will be some sort of goodbye Abby special.

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If you’re up to the date with your Dance Moms episodes, you know Abby’s impending doom was a major part of the finale, which was shocking since it was a topic that she attempted to avoid all season. Selfishly, I hope the cameras are rolling because I know that no matter what happens Abby’s reactions are going to make for some good TV, but we shall see.


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