Below Deck Mediterranean Virtual Viewing Party – June 6th

Drama on deck! Tonight’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean looks like it won’t disappoint.

The Malia/Wes/Adam triangle rages on. Lauren Cohen gets an earful after Malia overhears her gossiping to Hannah about her kissing session with one of the guys. Lauren tries to explain that she was just happy to see someone on board getting some and attempts to make light of it, but Malia is not having it.


Adam turns into a raging a-hole after a guest sends back their food – after requesting no onions, which Adam ignored as a silly request. Adam laments that these “new money” people just want excuses to return plates of food over and over, unwilling to see that he’s just stubborn and not doing as he’s asked! He then takes a bit of that hostility out on Hannah, who is simply the messenger.

The crazy kicks off at 9/8 C. Join us in the comments for a virtual viewing party!

Photo Credit: Bravo TV/Below Deck