Zoila Chavez Retires As Jeff Lewis’s Housekeeper After Eighteen Years!

After eighteen years of working for Jeff Lewis, everyone’s favorite Flipping Out cast member Zoila Chavez has officially retired. As of this moment, there’s no word on if this is just from housekeeping or if it’s from working all together (i.e. appearing on on the show).

Hopefully this housekeeping retirement does not mean reality TV retirement. The show just wouldn’t be the same without her. Either way, I feel like Jeff should throw Zoila an over the top retirement party. She more than deserves that.

In an interview with People, Jeff confirmed, “Zoila retired about three months ago.” He added, “She stayed the first six months we had the baby, which is amazing. You know, she’s wanted to retire for two years now, and she’s been with me for 18 years. I just begged her, begged her, begged her — ‘Please stay. I need help with the baby. I need help with this transition.’ And she stayed as long as she could.”

Jeff explained, “Physically, after doing that kind of work for all of these years, it really takes its toll. She’s 68 years old.” Fair enough. It’s nice that he has been so understanding, but then he threw this part in: “She looks 10 years younger, because I gave her all that plastic surgery. But she’s tired and she’s ready to go.” Oh, Jeff.

At this point, Jeff and Zoila are more like family than coworkers, so I have to assume that Zoila will still be on the scene and involved with baby Monroe. Or at least I’m hoping so. Zoila has always been that much-needed breath of fresh air and comic relief that the viewers need. Maybe she will stick around for the show and lead the search for her replacement. That could make for some potentially funny television.

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]