On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, life is settling into a nice rhythm – Chelsea DeBoer has more babies on the brain and Kailyn Lowry seems to have found some harmony with ex Javi Marroquin. Unfortunately, not all in Teen Mom land are settled – Leah Messer is in limbo waiting to find out why Ali has been having breathing problems, Briana DeJesus is still wary of baby daddy Luis’s intentions once the baby is here and Jenelle Evans, well, just brace yourself for another rough episode of her and mom Barb fighting over Jace. Let’s start with the good before the bad and the ugly.

Over at the DeBoer residence, Chelsea and husband Cole are setting up an adorable monthly marker photo shoot for baby Watson while Aubree helps. He is getting so big and he sure is cute, making Chelsea admit that she has an official case of baby fever. Cole is game for more and says he’s ready when Chelsea is ready. Chelsea floats the idea of right now and Cole doesn’t even flinch – he’s fully on board if that’s what Chelsea wants to do.

When friend Britnee comes over later, Chelsea asks if she’s crazy for wanting another so soon. Britnee is all about it and Chelsea explains her reasoning, thinking that it would be fun to have kids so close in age. Okay, really hard too but also, fun. Aubree never got that experience and Chelsea thinks it would be nice to have more that are so close.

But they do have one more order of business to take care of before trying again – the wedding reception they postponed last year when Chelsea was pregnant with Watson. Now that it’s only a few months away, Chelsea is feeling the pressure of how far they would have to travel and wants to move it closer. Cole agrees and she says that she thinks maybe it would also be a good idea to wait until they have the reception to try for another baby. Cole jokes that maybe they could try at the reception. All I know is that they make beautiful babies and I’m sure everyone would be excited to see more.


Kail is still mad at Javi for spilling the beans of her pregnancy on social media before she was ready but since Lincoln is starting soccer soon, she realizes that they should both be able to attend the games, so she drops the Protection from Abuse. She calls Javi to tell him and of course, he’s relieved to put it behind them. He thought it was a bit excessive to begin with but Kail cuts him off – quit while you’re ahead, buddy.


But if Kail thought that her kids wouldn’t pick up on this, she would be sorely mistaken. As she drives the kids to soccer, Lincoln mentions how she’s mad at Daddy. He voice jumps up a few octaves as she quickly tells him she’s not mad at Daddy, only to immediately snap Daddy’s head off about putting Lincoln’s shoes on the second they arrive. When they get to the field, Lincoln is having second thoughts and starts crying, saying he doesn’t want to go. He clings to both Kail and Javi, unwilling to try until Javi finally leads him to the field to play with him. Lincoln quickly gets the hang of it, sees it’s not so bad and starts adorably kicking the soccer ball around.

After Lincoln is done, it’s time to watch Isaac’s game and Kail and Javi sit together on the sidelines, making small talk and even laughing. Javi works up the nerve to ask Kail how she is doing and even when her due date is. All friendliness stops and Kail tells him she isn’t sharing with anyone. Given the story of her pregnancy being leaked early, I can’t exactly blame her for that one. Javi nostalgically asks when the last time they were together like this was and Kail is already losing patience. She tells him to stop making it weird and he keeps trying. Kail isn’t interested in the awkwardness and just shuts him and his memory lane trip down.


Ali has been released from the hospital but she is still having some difficulty breathing and of course, both Leah and ex-husband Corey Simms are stressed and concerned. Corey tells wife Miranda how scary the whole thing is and how freaked out the whole incident had him. While nothing came up on x-ray from the ER trip, Corey can’t help but feel like something serious is going on and is anxious for her next doctor’s appointment.


At Leah’s house, she paints Ali’s nails and asks her to explain what it feels like when she can’t breathe. Ali tells her and Leah lets her know that they are going to get her an echocardiogram. Ali smartly informs her that she already knows what it is. On the way to the doctor’s appointment, Leah drops off Addie and her grandmother’s house and when it’s just Ali in the car, Leah tells her it’s OK if she needs to start using her wheelchair on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we have to wait until next week to find out what happens at the doctor’s visit but here’s hoping it all went well.


Briana hasn’t seen Luis since the last doctor’s appointment for a sonogram but he has told her that he would start looking for an apartment closer to her so he can be present and help out when the baby comes. The next day, the meet for her next checkup and all sounds good with the baby so she is told to come back in four weeks. When the doctor leaves, Briana gets down to business to find out how seriously Luis has been looking at places. He tells her he’s found a few here and there but apparently, they are all at least a half an hour away. She doesn’t see how this is moving closer or how it will be helpful to her when the baby is here. Luis just keeps telling her to take his word for it but unfortunately for him, his words don’t mean much to Briana at this point. She leaves crying and worrying she will end up doing this all on her own again. In the car on the way home, she calls her friend, Shirley, who is quick to point out that if Luis is still half an hour away, it’s quickly going to turn into him complaining about gas and tolls and then that will be the end of his visits. Briana knows she has to talk to him again and make sure that he knows he has to really step up and if he wants to do this for real, get his own baby stuff including cribs, car seats, bottles, clothes, etc.


She decides to invite Luis over to talk about all this and when he arrives at her place, she goes down to the parking lot to sit in his car and discuss. Her major concern is that he won’t really be saving any money by moving closer if he factors in the gas and tolls to come and see his daughter on the regular. It’s like Luis didn’t even think of that and he stays silent, while Briana continues on with how stressed she is. She wants to know what’s going to happen when she has to go back to work and they have to pay for daycare. Luis says he will get a second job if he has to and Briana laughs at the idea, saying he has already lied to her in the past so why should she believe him now? She just feels like this baby will be brought into another crappy situation and an adoptive family would have been able to offer her all the things that Briana and Luis cannot. Luis keeps saying he will be there, but Briana stops him short and says she doesn’t have time for words anymore so Luis better figure out how he’s going to make this work.


One thing that doesn’t look like will work anytime soon is the always strained relationship between Jenelle and Barb. They have an upcoming court case for custody of Jace and while Jenelle is confident she will be getting full custody, she still wishes Barb would just move to Florida. She complains that Jace is always stuck over at Barb’s house with nothing to do, but little does she know that Jace has been crying to Barb, begging not to go back to Jenelle’s. He is saying that David and Maryssa are mean to him and if it was just Jenelle and Kaiser, he would be fine with going. Barb is obviously concerned by his emotions and has started him in therapy once a week to help. It’s so sad how Jenelle claims she doesn’t want Jace to have an effed up childhood but she is failing to realize he already does. I guess it doesn’t help when Jenelle is hell bent on proving that she deserves Jace more than Barb and decides to track her down at a Mexican restaurant when Barb refuses to give up Jace for the night.


The cameras weren’t there but Jenelle is happy to relay her side of things to a producer, also providing us with video evidence, thanks to fiancé David Eason’s phone. Ugh, this was hard to watch. When Barb wouldn’t give up Jace, Jenelle and David tracked her down at a restaurant where she was eating with her friends and the kids. David went inside and snapped pictures of Barb drinking from a glass of wine, then hightailed it outside with his evidence to show Jenelle. Naturally, Jenelle was just dying to confront Barb in the parking lot, with all of the kids watching, while David films the whole thing on his phone and antagonizes Barb, trying to get a reaction out of her. It works and she lunges at the phone, telling him to stop filming while Jenelle screams profanities at her and accuses of her of drinking and not being safe with the kids. It’s not only sad to watch but incredibly uncomfortable to see this all playing out in front of the kids they are all supposedly trying so hard to protect. Seeing Jace standing there, unsure of what to do was heartbreaking and hearing David seemingly enjoying himself from behind the camera phone was flat out disgusting.

The story doesn’t end there and Jenelle and David followed Barb back to her house, pounding on the door to be let in, all in the name of safety for the kids because Barb had a glass of wine. After Barb doesn’t answer, David kicks up the creep factor another notch and peeks in her windows, seeing that her car is there but she is not answering so surely, she must be passed out drunk instead of just trying to avoid them, right? Jenelle calls the cops and Barb has her kicked off her property.

Jenelle knows that Barb is scared she will lose her upcoming court case so if that’s true, why can’t Jenelle just let things play out in court and not make the situation a thousand times worse in the meantime? You would think with three kids, a new house and a new baby, she wouldn’t have time for all this drama but it seems Jenelle just can’t help herself.


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