On Teem Mom 2, big things are happening for all the moms from Jenelle Evans planning her wedding to Kailyn Lowry graduating from college. Leah Messer is pressing forward with her plans to become a motivational speaker, Briana DeJesus brings new baby Stella home and Chelsea DeBoer is close to making plans for her own wedding reception.

Before Chelsea gets into planning, she is busy focusing on the kids and getting baby Watson to his four month shot appointment. He’s getting so big! Husband Cole DeBoer has to work but he will do his best to join them at the doctor’s office, which Chelsea is hoping for. Shots are much harder on mom and the extra emotional support is never a bad thing. Aubree is coming along and on their way over, Chelsea calls Cole, who says he will meet them there. Aubree sweetly says she knew he would make it. After the emerge from the appointment, Chelsea says Watson didn’t enjoy at all and screamed as soon as he got his first shot but once he’s in the car and headed home, Watson is right back to his smiling, giggling self.

Leah takes the girls to South Carolina to visit and friend and while she is there, decides to set up another motivational speaking event. Despite the last one not going so well, Leah is determined to give it another go and hope for a better outcome. She tells her friend how out of her element she was last time but knows that her passion is making a difference and that’s what she intends on doing. Leah also reveals that in her darker moments, she was suicidal and rushed into relationships with men because of her daddy issues. All of those obstacles are things she had to overcome and she believes that sharing this with others will help them too.


Leah set this event up on her own and already got some RSVPs so it’s sinking in that she has to do it all over again. Once at the restaurant where she is holding the event, she sees the room full of people and nerves get the best of her as she starts speaking. The crowd is patient and Leah gets slightly better as she presses on with her talk and then asks everyone to write down their fears on a piece of paper so they can go and burn them. As they throw their paper fears into a little bucket to be burned, Leah asks everyone to let go and stand in their own power. The event is finally over and Leah is really proud of herself, telling her friend that she feels stronger than ever.


Jenelle hasn’t talked to her mom since Kaiser’s birthday party, when she blew up on her for assuming they should go on vacation together. Jenelle doesn’t understand why Barb thinks they still have a relationship when she just wants to be cordial with her. Even though Jenelle agreed in court to have Barb keep Jace, she’s not going to forgive her for putting her in that position to begin with and considers the relationship over. But right now, Jenelle wants to focus on her wedding and as fiancé David Eason cleans up the property to prepare for it, Jenelle tells him that they need to have it on a weekend where she has Jace and that she wants Olive Garden catering. I couldn’t tell if she was joking but hey, all you can eat breadsticks is always a good call.


Over at Barb’s house, she has no idea that she won’t be invited to the wedding and she tells the producer how much pain she is in that she has no relationship left with Jenelle. She doesn’t know why Jenelle is being so mean and says all she was trying to do is what’s in the best interest of Jace. As much as I believe that Barb is genuine when she says she wants to do what is best for Jace, it’s kind of shocking to see how surprised she is that Jenelle would be resentful of her.

Jenelle and David head to New York so Jenelle can go dress shopping and she decides to hire a makeup artist to come to her hotel room and give her an idea of what she will look like when she’s in a wedding dress. As Jenelle gets hair and makeup, she tells her friends how she doesn’t know exactly what style of dress she wants and she still has a lot of planning to do but since she “works from home”, she has plenty of time to devote to wedding planning. She already has a guest list of over 200 people but none of them family and it’s starting to sink in for her that she won’t have her mom to help her with her dress or her dad to walk her down the aisle on the big day. Jenelle knows her relationship is over with her mom and even if it wasn’t, sounds like David would make sure it is, since she admits that anytime she slips and says “Mom”, David corrects her that it’s Barb. Ugh, David is the worst. Who does that?!

Jenelle heads out wedding dress shopping with her friends and hits up a few stores, finding plenty of pretty dresses to choose from. She leaves with a favorite and can consider their trip to New York a success.


Briana is coming home with Stella, who is doing really well but unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Nova, who is having a hard time with such a big change in their family. Briana knows she has to spend some extra time with Nova, helping her ease into becoming a big sister. Luis meets them at her place and Roxanne wastes no time grilling him about how long he’s going to be there, where he’s working, what about the trucking thing, and how they are going to split up responsibilities and money. Luis keeps saying they will have the talk but Roxanne reminds him that should be happening now.


Stella didn’t sleep the first night and when Luis leaves to pick up more clothes from his place, Briana admits that she is more uncomfortable with him staying there and she doesn’t want to be uncomfortable in her own home. Roxanne says he’s dead weight and Briana frets about how to manage it all.


The good news is, Nova is finally starting to warm up to Stella now that they are settling in but Roxanne isn’t willing to let Luis settle in. She wants to know what’s happening with the trucking school and why he isn’t going now. He gives the excuse that Briana wanted him here to spend more time with Stella so he is delaying it. Things quickly escalate as Roxanne accuses him of not helping at all and Briana cries, saying that if he was a real man, he would have already had his job situation figured out months ago.


Later, Luis leaves in the middle of the night to go to his own place and says he will be back in the morning. Briana is pissed and so is the rest of her family and I’m a little torn on this one. Of course, Briana is right that he should have had all of his stuff together before Stella came, it’s not like he didn’t have the time, but now that they are where they are, Luis just can’t win. They are mad if he stays to help, mad if he doesn’t.

Uncomfortable that he’s there, then pissed when he leaves. I have a hard time finding any sympathy for Luis but in the same sense, I think Briana and her family are just making things worse by being so hard on him. They should either give him an honest chance and outline what they need or just let him go and be the bum they are accusing him of being.


Kail is finally graduating college tomorrow and has a bunch of friends staying with her for the weekend so they can celebrate. Once she puts the boys to bed, she talks to her friends about how emotional she is about her graduation, especially because both Javi and Jo asked to come and now they haven’t confirmed they will be there. Her current baby daddy and her family will also be absent from the event but Kail is happy that she has her friends there to cheer her on.


On the big day, Kail gets her hair and makeup done and worries about the future – she wants to either have a job or be in grad school by January. While she really wants to get a job in TV, she knows that will be almost impossible living in Delaware.

They all arrive at the graduation ceremony and Kail is excited, still not believing that this day is happening. She walks to her seat as the boys cheer for her from the stands and when she finally gets called to the stage to receive her degree, she gets a huge round of applause and cheers. As soon as she comes off stage, the boys greet her with a huge hug and say “good job, Mommy”, which is the cutest thing ever. I have to admit, I got a little emotional watching that part! Even if the future is uncertain, it looks like Kail can soak up all the happiness and success of what she’s accomplished today.


Photo Credit: MTV

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