Summer House Season 8, Episode 14 Recap: From Dusk Till Donne

Summer House Season 8, Episode 14 recap
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Welcome to the Summer House Season 8, Episode 14 recap! In this week’s episode, titled “From Dusk Till Donne,” the group will rally around Danielle as she finally launches her fashion app. Last week West opened up a bit more to Ciara about his true intentions but stepped in some sh*t while taking her on the horseback riding date. Jesse was given some unsettling news on his five-year cancer check-up, but luckily, the gang rallied around him.  

Danielle welcomes Donne

Summer House Season 8, Episode 14
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Finally, after years of hearing about Danielle being an app creator, fans are seeing Danielle create her own vision! As Danielle explains, Donne will serve as both a digital catalog of your closet and a tool for clients and stylists to connect. This week’s episode showed fans the exclusive launch party complete with digital effects.

Danielle joked that the app “has been a long time coming.” She wants those who use her product to feel comfortable and “donne” their best look. Danielle notes that for those 90s viewers, it’s a “better version of the Cher from Clueless closet.” And even Paige approved it, so I’m in! 

Jesse can breathe easy

Summer House Season 8, Episode 14 recap
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Mixed within the 125 guests are the rest of the Summer House cast who came to show Danielle some love. Perhaps the number one guest has to be Jesse, who had everyone worried about him and his diagnosis.

Jesse noted that the doctors didn’t even call him in the morning, saying he had to call them! The nurse said, “Oh yeah, everything is fine. You just had calcium build up.” The rookie made light of his health situation, saying, “I’ve been drinking my milk. Eating my Wheaties. Strong ass nut, let’s go!” 

And as if perfectly timed, his best friend, West, ran up to him, offering a giant hug. I love these two and their bromance. Last week showed just how close the two have become, as West comforted Jesse while he worried about the unknown.

Lindsay and Carl are at it again…

Summer House Season 8, Episode 14
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Just when I thought we could get a bit of a break from the Lindsay/Carl saga, they are back in the center of my screen. Lindsay clearly is trying to hide her squeamish demeanor by wearing a Big Bird-esque silk suit. The influencer tells the cameras she has been “walking on eggshells with Carl since last Sunday.” Let me remind you: last Sunday, Carl was mad about having to drive home alone and sped off, ditching Lindsay’s luggage.

As for Carl, he admits that he and his fiancée ended last week in “not a great spot.” That is putting it lightly, Carlito. Lindsay claimed she wanted a little space, but Carl proceeded to give her all of the Long Island Expressway as he zoomed on back to New York City. When asked about the outcome, Carl noted he “slept in the other room.” The Loverboy employee is still miffed about Lindsay’s thoughts on his career and tells the boys in a peacocking moment that he “will do what’s best for me.” 

Secrets spilled

Summer House Season 8, Episode 14 recap
Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder/Bravo

A lot of truth-telling occurred at the Donne event, with Paige admitting, “I like living wherever I want until I have children. And then when I have children they have to go to school and stuff. So you have to live in one place. And I think that place should be New York City, Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey.” Fans don’t need a psychic to know Paige has no intention of moving to Charleston. 

However, coming in under the radar is Gabby’s ability to put West on the spot. As the Missouri man shared details of his date with Ciara, Gabby asked, “But are you afraid to take the next step and commit?” When West notes that this is his usual pace, Gabby balks. She asks, “So you’re not afraid to commit that?” But when West takes way too long to answer, Gabby pulls back and raises an eyebrow. 

Am I in the Twilight Zone?

Summer House Season 8, Episode 14
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Yet again, as the episode came to a close, fans watched Lindsay and Carl have the same fight. After discussing his future with Kyle at Loverboy, Lindsay jumped in headfirst with the questions, asking, “Did you guys negotiate in that conversation?” Carl replied no, noting, “He was sharing things that were kind of in line with what I was thinking. I still have not gotten anything in writing and I need something in writing to actually move forward.” Carl shared the intricacies of Kyle’s verbal offer, which included receiving 10% of profits, $2,000 for each appearance, and a $3,000 monthly stipend.

As Carl shared his excitement about the offer, Lindsay seemed less than impressed. The PR guru clapped back, saying, “What on earth am I supposed to be like ‘yay’ about? Nothing has been done,” the former publicist said. Carl then left in a huff, telling the blonde, “You decide what I’m going to do with my career. That’d be great. I’m done.” So touchy, Carl. 

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