Another one bites the dust courtesy of a blindside. Well, everybody except the person voted out might have seen it coming, but it’s always tough to see someone’s dreams crushed on national television (OK, so it’s kind of amusing…). The theme of Survivor this week was love, but as we are now down to fifteen, clearly there will be more broken hearts to follow.

Caution, as spoilers from this week’s episode are to follow! Turn back now! If you want to get caught up, be sure to check out the Episode 3 Recap here.


My Kisses Are Very Private

Patrick Bolton had a hard road ahead of him no matter how you looked at it. And no Lauren, not just because “red-heads can’t be trusted”! Patrick was a loud and eccentric personality that made him an instant target in the game, and it was that way right from the start. Not only did he stick out like a sore thumb, but he also wasn’t playing the game all that well, as Episode 3 displayed pretty clearly. First, Patrick would go off in search of the hidden Idol in plain sight of the other tribe mates, which as Ryan pointed out, is a Survivor 1o1 no-no. He then did not communicate all that well – or at all – with his teammates during the Immunity Challenge, which pretty much cost them. Ali – his one true ally (and former college classmate) – could only do so much to save Patrick…he skirted through last week’s Tribal, but ultimately his tribe decided to keep Lauren over him this week.

I had the chance to speak to Patrick today on the FilmSurvivor Podcast (the full audio of which you can find and download at the bottom of this article). But here were some highlights:

My Kisses Are Very Private


On if he still has hard feelings after being blindsided:

Patrick Bolton: (Laughs) It definitely brings back the emotions, but as far as me being mad at them for voting me out, no, I’m not mad at them. I consider them my friends and I think they’re great people. Did they make a great decision in voting me off? Heck no! I should have gone to the next episode! I definitely am still frustrated that they voted me off but I like them all and they’re great people.

On his prior relationship with Ali:

Patrick: Ali and I definitely knew each other. We ended up being neighbors in college, she lived about 3 or 4 houses up the street from me. We’ve been to several parties together, we’ve been to a rodeo event where we were there together for the entire day. So we weren’t close-close friends, but we definitely were close associates and we would always say “hey” when we saw each other. It definitely should have played more of an advantage in both of our games, but going in we both decided to keep it sort of low-key and don’t let anybody know that we know each other, because that definitely would negatively affect us if other people knew that we knew each other off the game (NOTE: As he reveals later in the Podcast, the other players had no idea of their relationship until AFTER the game was over, which is when and how Simone knew about them).

My Kisses Are Very Private

On why he wasn’t able to connect with Lauren:

Patrick: You know, we should have connected, it was just poor game-play on my end. I should have been able to find some common connection that we could have talked about, fishing being one. You know, I’m from Alabama, I’ve been fishing so many times. But you know, our personalities just didn’t line up. I thought that there was no chance that other people would want to take her along. So I kind of thought, well I’m good, why do I need to cultivate this relationship?

My Kisses Are Very Private

For much more from Patrick Bolton, including my full interview, please listen to the latest episode of the FilmSurvivor Podcast below or by clicking here.

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