Exclusive Interview With The Survivor: HHH Contestant Voted Out of Episode 6 – Spoilers!

Things can turn very quickly in the game of Survivor, as is evident with the person who was voted out this week. As skilled a player as you can be in the physical, mental and social aspects of the game, any Survivor winner will also tell you that luck always plays a big part of it. So who was that unlucky soul who got their torch snuffed right before the big merge happening next week?

Caution, as spoilers from this week’s episode are to follow! Turn back now! If you want to get caught up, be sure to check out the Episode 6 Recap here.


Exclusive Interview With The Survivor: HHH Contestant Voted Out of Episode 6 – Spoilers!

Alexandrea “Ali” Elliott, the 24-year-old Celebrity Assistant from Los Angeles, was an early front-runner to win it all this season. She began on the Hustlers tribe and it was evident early-on that she was one of those true triple-threats, a savvy social and mental player who also could hold her own in challenges. Better yet, she was given a lot of air-time nearly every episode this season, which most long-time fans know usually portends a promising future in the game.

But the tribe swap ultimately sealed her fate, despite the fact that it appeared like she was still going to be on solid ground. She found herself on the new tribe with Ryan, whom she was aligned with since Day One, and had gotten close to the lone Healer, Roark, which should have put her in the majority. But it was that relationship with Roark that led to her downfall. Ryan became paranoid of Ali‘s relationship with Roark, so much so that he kept Ali in the dark when he blindsided Roark. Ali was not happy with Ryan’s betrayal, but had no choice but to try to trust him again. Sadly, he betrayed her again and sent her out of the game as what is seemingly one of the last vote-outs before jury.

I had the chance to speak to Ali today on the FilmSurvivor Podcast (the full audio of which you can find and download at the bottom of this article). But here were some highlights:


On if her relationship with Roark is what ultimately got her voted out:

Ali Elliott: Well Ryan’s decision had nothing to do with Roark. Ryan had no other excuse to say that he wanted to put out there. So if he really wanted to tell the truth, which is what I was reaching for in our conversation, he would have said well I had a Super Idol and I was going to pick Chrissy no matter what. I knew for a fact that Ryan was giving me BS. You did not vote out Roark because I was too close to Roark. So I knew from the get-go that something was up.

Exclusive Interview With The Survivor: HHH Contestant Voted Out of Episode 6 – Spoilers!

On whether or not she was blindsided last night:

Ali: I don’t think that my reaction had anything to do with being mad at Ryan or JP or Chrissy. I think that my emotions about being blindsided came when Roark was voted out. M y emotions from being voted out last night was about my dream being over. Survivor is something that I have always wanted to do, something that has always been a part of my family. Even watching back, I felt everything again. I started to cry! I had such a great experience and loved every minute of it, but just shocked that, wow, it really is over. Until Jeff Probst shows your name up there, there is always a tiny bit of hope, but in that moment I knew it was really over.

Exclusive Interview With The Survivor: HHH Contestant Voted Out of Episode 6 – Spoilers!

On what her strategy would have been had she made it to the merge:

Ali: I definitely would have gotten back with my Hustlers. I would have stuck with Ryan, I would have gotten back with Lauren, me and Lauren had a great relationship…I would have gotten back with Devon, because we had a great relationship and he’s really smart with great strategy. And had I gotten there with Roark, we would have also had her Healers, whoever she was closest with…Roark had a lot of numbers, and moving forward that was probably going to be my best bet.

For much more from Ali Elliott, including my full interview, please listen to the latest episode of the FilmSurvivor Podcast below or by clicking here.

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