Lydia McLaughlin defends her faith on RHOC reunion

So far this reunion, Lydia McLaughlin has not been her happy-go-lucky self, instead she’s been a bit snide and defensive toward her co-stars. The Real Housewives of Orange County star took to her Bravo blog to explain her actions and reactions.

Despite her combative attitude toward Shannon Beador and Meghan Edmonds, Lydia claims that she “went into the reunion optimistic.” She added, “I didn’t want to expect fighting and drama. I was hoping to talk about differences and hopefully move forward and make strides in friendships.”

She continued blogging, “When Meghan came after me, I was really surprised. She had asked me to lunch a few weeks earlier and never mentioned feeling upset or hurt by my psychic comment. I was perfectly nice to her psychic and went to her dinner party because she was my friend. I even flew home early from my Aunt’s funeral that same day just to make it to her party…”

She finds it interesting that Meghan wants HER to have an open mind, but Meghan doesn’t practice what she preaches. “In the interviews, we are asked our opinion on things. I do not go to psychics and do not wish to participate in their readings. Meghan doesn’t believe in Jesus. That’s her opinion. She doesn’t come to my Bible studies and that’s ok. It’s ironic to me that Meghan wants me to be so open minded when she clearly has a closed mind about religious points of view.”

Lydia does acknowledge that she got pretty testy at Meghan and Shannon, “I was clearly flustered with Meghan’s hurtful comments to me and then when Shannon started disagreeing with me, I became overly defensive and combative. I was hoping to apologize to Shannon going into the day, but that obviously didn’t happen. We had a rough start at a friendship, but it really turned around with our time together in Iceland. Looking back, I am sorry if I hurt her feelings and I hope to grow as friends. We even ended the reunion with a hug.”


Photo Credit: Bravo

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