Little Women: LA's Christy McGinity Gibel Suing Spinal Surgeon For Malpractice

Little Women: LA’s Christy McGinity Gibel Suing Spinal Surgeon For Malpractice

Viewers of Little Women: LA know that this cast of ladies has been through the wringer in terms of health challenges and surgeries over the years. But last year, what should have been a straightforward (albeit high risk) spinal cord surgery turned into a protracted nightmare for Christy McGinity Gibel when her surgeon nicked her artery and, according to the reality star, “misled her despite worsening symptoms.”

Now Christy is suing a handful of doctors from the Beverly Hills 90210 Surgery Medical Center. She is also naming Cedars Sinai and a select group of other private practices in the suit.

Claiming negligence on the surgeons’ and medical organizations’ part, Christy is “asking for an unspecified amount in damages and medical costs related to the alleged botched surgery,” according to TMZ.

The surgery was an “anterior discectomy and spinal cord decompression,” and on the show, Christy alluded to the fact that her surgeon had never performed this procedure on a little person before. Yikes!

Post-spinal cord surgery, Christy started experiencing strange, almost stroke-like symptoms – her left eye drooping, tongue swelling, and slurred speech. Her symptoms worsened over time, even prohibiting her from speaking (and fighting with Terra Jole!) in a few episodes.

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Doctors told Christy that her symptoms would improve over time, but when they didn’t, she decided to take the matter to court. Last season on LWLA, Christy’s husband, Todd Gibel, also went through surgery for gastric bypass. He seems to be doing well, losing weight, and feeling better than ever since then. But for Christy, it’s still an uphill battle.

Christy isn’t alone in her health struggles. Last season saw Terra facing a breast cancer scare, Briana Renee struggling with her dirtbag husband postpartum depression and panic attacks, Tonya Banks suffering from Bell’s Palsy, and Jasmine Sorge dealing with a difficult pregnancy. Add to this all of the health challenges these ladies’ children face, and it can seem more than a bit overwhelming. But word is they’re still filming an upcoming season!

Sheesh. These women may be messy on camera, but man, do they have some real life sh*t going on! Best of luck to them all.


Photo Credit: Lifetime