Little Women: LA Star Briana Renee Leaves Husband Matt Ericson! Claims "Zero Chance" Of Getting Back Together

Little Women: LA Star Briana Renee Leaves Husband Matt Ericson! Claims “Zero Chance” Of Getting Back Together

Hell has frozen over. Pigs are flying. Yes – Briana Renee has finally left her lying, cheating, manipulating husband, Matt Ericson [Grundhoffer]. The Little Women: LA cast member and Matt have been married for three years. During this time, Briana’s friends, cast mates, and family have questioned the relationship every step of the way – and for good reason.

Now sources are saying that Briana left Matt last month “because there was no way of resuscitating their three-year marriage.” This news comes, no doubt, as a relief to many. But how long will the separation last?

Matt, who has a history of being arrested for domestic violence in past relationships, swept Briana off her feet with promises of love and support, but eventually, totally isolated her from family and friends.

Before and after their marriage, Matt was also caught “sexting” photos of his genitalia to women he met online, as well as talking trash behind Briana’s back. Last season of LWLA, cameras followed Briana and Matt’s tempestuous relationship all the way to Alaska, where Matt cheated on Briana in the hotel with a bartender he met there named Stephania.

Stephania even showed up to the LWLA Reunion to share details of their make out session, but even this sordid tale didn’t convince “Ride Or Die” Briana to kick Matt’s a$$ to the curb! Now Briana is digging her heels in on making the separation permanent. “We’re told there’s zero chance of reconciliation, and divorce is looming,” a source told TMZ.

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There’s reason to question the permanence of this separation, however, considering Matt and Briana are reportedly still living under the same roof. They share a 16-month old baby, Maverick, together, as well as two kids from previous relationships (Briana’s daughter and Matt’s son). Although “they sleep in separate rooms,” the couple has not officially parted ways yet.

Though it’s been a long time coming, this news may come as a shock to Briana’s loved ones, cast mates, and fans who she’s universally spurned as “haters” whenever criticism of Matt’s doggish ways arose. Let’s hope she’s finally living up to that “Fierce Little Mama” title she’s been chasing after for so long and saying goodbye to Matt once and for all. It will be good riddance to bad rubbish, for sure.


Photo Credit: Lifetime