Reality TV Blind Item Roundup

It’s been a while since we’ve covered some of the hottest blind items floating around. Here are three new ones from Crazy Days and Nights!

Blind #1 – This B list host/reality star/singer is going to look like crap when many others start slamming her still husband for sexually exploiting and abusing them when they were in their early to mid-teens. Don’t even get me started about what he did when they were legal.

Blind #2 – The drug use is real. The violence is real. Somehow though, despite those two factors, fame and being famous and keeping a reality show seems to be the most important factor in the relationship of these two people in the record industry who are married and have a reality show. They actually had sex within the past 72 hours which just blows my mind.

Blind #3 – The soon to be husband of this on again off again Bravo reality star is far more interested in sleeping with the daughter of the reality star, but the mom has the money.

Give us your best guesses below!


Photo Credit: Getty Images