Abby Lee Miller Is Sharing Her Thoughts From Prison On Social Media; Misses Teaching Dance & Is “Bored”

I’m not exactly sure about the logistics, but Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller has been sharing her thoughts from prison via Instagram. I have to assume that someone from the outside is doing the actual posting, but it’s still a pretty unusual thing to do. Now I’m just waiting for her to promote one of those monthly beauty boxes from her jail cell.

Anyone who watches the Lifetime reality show isn’t surprised that Abby has voiced a few complaints, but what was she expecting this experience to be like? She’s at prison, not a day spa.

Abby has been behind bars for just under six months and according to her latest social media post, not being able to teach dance is starting to bother her.

Abby posted a throwback photo on the red carpet with some of the girls from the show. She captioned it with, “Starting to get so so bored. I need to teach dance. I don’t function without dance.” I don’t blame her for being bored, but voicing that on social media with a throwback photo at a glamorous event just doesn’t seem like best idea.

Even though Abby insists that she “needs to teach dance,” she actually has done so pretty recently. She choreographed a Christmas performance in prison. She shared, “So today is going to be a good day. I was given the opportunity to choreograph the Christmas show here in our camp.” Oh great: another reality TV star who insists on referring to jail as “camp.”

She continued, “I’m very excited for all of our family and friends to watch today. Everyone is nervous but I know they are all going to be great.” There is a lot to unpack from that caption: 1. There is a Christmas show in jail. 2. Family and friends were permitted to attend. 3. She was more optimistic and supportive of her fellow inmates in that one post than she ever was with her students before any performance on Dance Moms. Ever.

Abby took to Instagram for another Christmas post. She wrote, “I love Christmas. What would you like off Santa this year?” Really? I can (kind of… sort of… a little bit) understand sharing an “update” on her life for her followers, but this is a little much. And again, I want to know who is actually writing out these posts and how involved Abby is when it comes to her own social media account.

She posted a throwback video from a Dance Moms Christmas performance. This looks like a textbook case of not appreciating what you have until it’s gone. She even shared shout outs and congratulations to her former students and fellow Dance Moms cast on her Instagram page.

On New Year’s Eve, Abby posted a screen shot from Dance Moms that shows her wiping away some tears. Along with that, she wrote, “Can’t wait to say goodbye to 2017! So many exciting things ahead in 2018. I want to thank everyone for all the support you have given, especially my close friends. It’s true what they say, ‘Hard times will reveal true friends.’ Love you all.” And of course she punctuated that with a plethora of hashtags at the end.

Abby shared her resolution for 2018: “to dance daily.” That’s great and all, but I feel like there are some pressing matters that Abby needs to address as well.

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[Photo Credit: Lifetime]