Report: Jill Zarin Wants To Get Back On The Real Housewives Of New York, But Bravo Isn’t Biting

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Jill Zarin has been mourning the passing of her beloved husband, Bobby Zarin, after losing him to cancer last month. But the former Real Housewives Of New York cast member seems to have an ulterior motive when it comes to staying in the media spotlight: She wants to get back on the show, and she wants it badly.

A source close to Jill reports that she is upset about Bravo featuring her on the series, but not offering her a contract. “Jill’s grown tired of making cameo appearances on the show without being offered an actual job,” according to mysterious “sources.”

After allowing Bravo cameras to film outside of her late husband’s memorial service in January, Jill came under fire. Some wondered why she’d use such an intimate, sad moment as an opportunity for press. Others speculated that Jill wanted to film a reconciliation scene with former arch-nemesis, Bethenny Frankel, as an entry point back into the show.

It seems like the latter assumption may have a more than a bit of truth to it, because now Jill is allegedly trying to drum up support for a return to the franchise that made her famous. “While Jill’s made the occasional appearances, we’re told that friends feel like the network is getting her for free without intending to make an offer — while Bravo uses the drama of her life but does not make her a cast member,” reports Page Six.

After Jill was heavily scrutinized for allowing (and some say inviting) Bravo cameras to film outside Bobby’s memorial, she staunchly defended the move. She told Page Six, “This was all about memorializing Bobby — [there was] no drama. It’s very sad for all. He was an important part of the show and a great friend to many who appeared on it.”

But the photos that intrigued the public most were of Jill and Bethenny tearfully hugging on the sidewalk in what appears to be a “making amends” scene outside of Bobby’s memorial service – a scene that will definitely be played up on this season’s show. Bethenny had chartered a plane from Aspen to fly to her former-enemy’s side after she heard about Bobby’s death. Jill’s friends told the press that Bobby “would be happy to know that the occasion brought the onetime old friends-turned-nemeses back together.”

Jill Zarin Wants To Get Back On The Real Housewives Of New York, But Bravo Isn’t Biting

NEW YORK, NY – JANUARY 15: Jill Zarin (L) and Bethenny Frankel (c) are seen leaving the Bobby Zarin Memorial on January 15, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

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Although there might not have been drama on that sad day, Jill seems to be creating it yet again in the press. She’s crying foul about her paltry appearance on last season’s RHONY, claiming that she was featured heavily in the trailers for the season, but only edited into one scene. A source argues that it’s not about the money for Jill; it’s about respect: “To keep [having] her come on the show without any long-term offer — it feels disrespectful.”

So, was the memorial service filming all about a move to get back on the show? Sigh. As most viewers know, Jill has grown quite tired of being left on the Housewives scrap heap. Her friends claim that Jill would be happy with any role on the show – even if it isn’t full time!

They argue, “Jill doesn’t want to be a full-time member of the cast — she’s still dealing with losing Bobby. But the show means a lot to her, and it would be nice if they asked her to come back.”


Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo