Bethenny Frankel Has A Major Breakdown On Real Housewives of New York This Season

As we know, the kingdom of Real Housewives is built on rumors and innuendo. But here’s some fresh intel that sounds pretty believable, if only because we’ve been hearing for months now about Bethenny Frankel’s “rough season” to come.

The Mostly Unscripted Podcast hosts Sam Pezzullo and Allie White are spilling some exclusive tea about Bethenny’s fragile state of mind on this season’s Real Housewives of New York. And it’s not looking good. As in: Mental breakdown on the horizon in T-minus 4-6 weeks.

In episode four of the podcast, Pezzullo claims he saw Bethenny somewhere recently and overheard a conversation she had with an unnamed source. According to his intel, Bethenny divulged that she hit a wall during filming and had a breakdown of sorts.

During this time, Bethenny was shooting several shows, doing five renovations while running her business, dealing with a custody dispute with Jason Hoppy, and running her B-Strong charity efforts. Add to that the drama of RHONY, and it apparently spelled an all out breakdown.

“I took on too much and I cracked. I just couldn’t handle it all and I started crying,” Bethenny allegedly said to the source.

Pezzullo says he’s not sure whether Bethenny then complained to production and potentially wanted to stop filming during this time, but the breakdown allegedly occurs during RHONY’s cast trip to Colombia – which we know was an absolute nightmare, what with the boat almost sinking and Ramona probably shoving people off of lifeboats.

RHONY’s mid-season trailer is sure to preview footage of Bethenny’s  – and the entire cast – in Colombia, where all hell obviously broke loose in more ways than one.


Photo Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images