Renee Graziano Opens Up About Her Sobriety

Anyone who watched Mob Wives or any other reality TV show that Renee Graziano has appeared on knows that she is an open book. Recently Renee opened up about her sobriety after overcoming substance abuse issues and multiple rehab stints.

Renee very candid in an interview with RadarOnline. The former Mob Wives star shared, “When I’ve gone to rehab, it’s been because I would get high to not feel, to suppress my feelings and get out of my own head.”

Renee explained, “It has never been about partying, it’s been more about trying not to feel all of the physical and emotional pain from the abuse I’ve suffered.” Nowadays Renee insists that she is “clean and sober” and “grateful” for that. She admitted, “I take it one day at a time.”

Renee discussed her 2017 Oxycontin overdose. She shared, “I was prescribed pain medication for a broken coccyx, they were giving me oxys and sleep meds.”

Renee continued, “I didn’t eat and I wasn’t sleeping for days at that point and my body caved in. I had almost no potassium and that causes a heart attack. I collapsed. I had an overdose and my mom didn’t know what to do so they called the ambulance. They put me on an IV and a 72-hour hold.”

Renee shared, “I spent two weeks detoxing because after the first week my stomach blew up and they found a tumor.” Renee also admitted that she went to rehab for depression and she thinks it is important to be open about that. She explained, “I hope to help show others that they’re not alone and there are many resources to help them.”

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[Photo Credit: Instagram]