90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Anfisa Nava Shares Her Struggles And Plans For The Future As Husband Jorge Nava Continues Serving His Sentence

Jorge Nava and Anfisa Nava certainly have been dealing with considerable changes in their lives. Since the 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After reunion aired in July of this year, Jorge was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for possession and the intent to sell 293 pounds of marijuana. He began serving his time in early September. Anfisa has proved nothing but supportive of her husband and is staying focused on her studies and her future.

Anfisa posted a video on her youtube channel discussing the challenges and emotions she has been facing since Jorge began his prison sentence in Arizona.

Anfisa had vlogged from the inside of her new 2018 Honda Civic. She was forced to purchase a new car when Jorge’s car was repossessed two weeks ago. According to Anfisa, Jorge hadn’t made a payment since June. Anfisa was aware of the delinquent account, and even removed all her belongings from the car, but was still shocked to discover that it had been removed from their garage one day when she needed to get to school. She then described her uber experience of spending nearly $60 on transportation to school and the grocery store, saying it was out of her budget to manage it on a daily basis.

Anfisa continued the vlog by informing viewers of her intention to transfer to a four year university from her community college in 2020.

She shared her shock at receiving negative comments that implied her being responsible for Jorge’s situation, the idea that “he’s in there because of you.”  Anfisa’s response is simple. “Jorge is an adult and he really should take responsibility for his actions. Whatever is going on with him now, he brought on himself. And, uh, I think I don’t deserve to be in this situation. I don’t deserve to hear all this negativity from people.”

Due to the critical and hostile comments, Anfisa decided that she won’t be posting more videos sharing information and updates about Jorge. She opted instead to leave it to her viewers to suggest topics they want to see her discussing.

Anfisa had previously filmed a vlog when Jorge first left for prison. Her emotions were very apparent when she voiced her desire for reconciliation with Jorge’s family. “It just feels really hard on me because Jorge is in jail and I don’t have anybody here.”

She also described having to be her own support system and keeping her emotions in check when talking with Jorge so as not to worry or burden him. “I don’t wanna talk to him and complain how hard it is for me because he is in the worst situation, he’s in jail. At least I am free.”


[Photo credit- TLC]