Married to Medicine Recap: It’s all About Anniversaries, Forgiveness and Black Love

On this week’s edition of Married to Medicine, Quad Webb-Lunceford stops by at Toya Bush -Harris’s house and after some minor chit-chat about building a home, the conversation turns to Quad’s divorce from husband Dr. Gregory Lunceford. Quad claims that she had a method for how she addressed the divorce, putting the divorce papers on the table with the keys and walking out, because she didn’t want to make an enemy. Quad also says she’s not ready to date, but is ready for some girl time. Later that night, the girls will get together at Mariah Huq’s “Black Love Party.”

In the meantime, Mariah is scrolling through a notification from her bank for an unknown $3,000 purchase when her husband Dr. Aydin Huq walks in. Mariah questions the purchase when Dr. Aydin claims she’s tracking him. He admits that it’s for medical testing to get licensed in other states — it’s to protect him in case the new company that just took over decides not to extend the one-year contract he just signed. Mariah and Dr. Aydin talk about where he would want to go if he leaves. He wants to go to California — Mariah’s not pleased — but also opts for Texas. “Big hats, big boots and big boobs! I like that!” said Mariah.

At Dr. Contessa Metcalfe’s house, it has been three weeks since her double mastectomy and she’s not really ready to venture out of the house yet. Dr. Jackie Walters, who also had a double mastectomy, stops by with a bag of goodies and a pep talk for Contessa to try and get her to venture out one step at a time. Contessa assures Jackie that once her drains come out, she’ll give it a shot.

Married to Medicine: It’s all About Anniversaries, Forgiveness and Black Love

Back at Toya’s house, Dr. Eugene Harris III returns home and the conversation turns to the couple’s 10th-anniversary celebration. Dr. Eugene decides that he wants to lose a few pounds and Toya hopes that it’s to wear some sexy thong or another surprise for her. When they talk about planning their vacation, they decide that they want something romantic, but they also want a do-over from last year when they all went together on a couples’ vacation that Dr. Heavenly Kimes planned. That debacle of a vacation is still fresh in Toya’s mind, so she wants to make sure it’s done right this time.

Speaking of anniversaries, Jackie and Curtis Berry start talking about their 16th-anniversary celebration. They have been struggling over the past year, thanks to Curtis’ infidelity. He was photographed in public with a 27-year-old woman, but he says that he wants to move forward and start working on another 16 years. He has a surprise in store for Jackie.

Married to Medicine: It’s all About Anniversaries, Forgiveness and Black Love

Heavenly is catching up with her friend Towanda Braxton while Towanda is in the dentist chair and she’s grilling Towanda about her new man. Towanda says he’s amazing, but that the ex is bitter. Towanda says she got divorced because he was a cheater and it was affecting her children. Heavenly also grills Towanda about her sex life and asks if she’s pregnant. “I’m outta here,” laughs Towanda.

Curtis surprises Jackie with an outdoor dinner under a gazebo, which takes them back to their first trip to Paris. He mentions that he learned then about how in control Jackie likes to be, while Jackie talks about Curtis’ carefree ways. They decide that the rain that’s coming down around them is to wash away the old and bring in the new.

Toya calls the squad and tells them about the couples’ trip. Everyone seems on board, but the question is brought up as to whether or not to invite the newly-single Quad. Toya decides to let Quad decide what she wants to do. Quad decides that she’ll go and do some things with the group and some things on her own. After a constant battle with Dr. Contessa Metcalfe, Toya is also uncertain about inviting her.

Married to Medicine: It’s all About Anniversaries, Forgiveness and Black Love

It’s time for Mariah’s Black Love Party! The idea is that everyone comes dressed as a famous black couple in love. Mariah is concerned, however, that she and Dr Aydin will be judged because they are an interracial couple. The costumes are great, Dr. Simone Whitmore and Cecil go as the couple from “Love and Basketball”, Jarrett and her husband go as Will and Jada Smith; Eugene and Toya go as Steve and Marjorie Harvey. Jackie and Curtis dress as Michelle and Barack Obama. Simone jokes that they should’ve come as Bill and Hilary because Bill had a Monica. Oh snap, too soon? LOL

Mariah and Aydin come as Cookie and Lucious from Empire. To the cameras, Curtis says, “That’s one Cookie I want in my bag.” If Jackie’s eyes could only throw the daggers she had in them.

Married to Medicine: It’s all About Anniversaries, Forgiveness and Black Love

At Quad’s new townhome, Heavenly stops by dressed as Tina Turner. Quad is flabbergasted because Heavenly doesn’t get that it’s a black couple in love and Tina Turner’s husband Ike was a known abuser. Definitely not a good example.

Quad tells Heavenly that she’s not going to the party because she went to the costume store and, unexpectedly, had a breakdown over the fact that she was getting a divorce. She’s angry, mad and sad. Heavenly tells her that she’ll stay with her but lies to Mariah about why she’s not coming, saying that she’s staying home with her husband. The women feel that Mariah is the reason that Heavenly isn’t coming.

Mariah reads a poem about black love that she wrote to finish out the night.

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