Married to Medicine Recap: Toya’s Couples Retreat Turns Into Screaming Brawl

On this episode of Married to Medicine, all the couples went on a much-needed vacation to Antigua to celebrate Toya Bush-Harris and Eugene’s 10th anniversary, fun was had by all and everyone got along. Hahaha! Did you believe that? What actually happened? Accusations that Toya hit Contessa Metcalfe in her post-surgical breast on purpose, an attack from Mariah Huq on Quad Webb-Lunceford, pushing Quad for more details on her divorce and a rebuttal from Dr. Heavenly Kimes who argues with Mariah that it’s none of her business. Oh, and one of the ladies broke a flute to possibly use as a weapon. Sounds more like it, right? 

But before we get to the dinnertime wrestling action where referees were called in and the bell was rung, let’s turn back to the time when everyone thought this trip was going to go on without a hitch.

The episode kicks off with Dr. Jacqueline Walters talking about cutting back on her practice and spending more time with her husband, Greg. 

At Contessa’s house, Heavenly shows up bringing her some gifts. Contessa is thankful because she’s having a hard time with life right now, finding it boring. However, to the cameras Heavenly comments that she doesn’t understand how someone would go through mastectomy and come out with the same size breasts. Shut up girl.

Mariah shows up at Simone’s house and Simone is “cooking” for Mariah and when I say “cooking,” I mean heating up take out. They talk about Mariah’s party and Mariah talks about the fact that she’s upset that Heavenly and Quad didn’t come. Simone says that Quad needs to take a break from the group. She says Quad’s behavior is erratic because she doesn’t go to the party, but wants to come on the trip.

Heavenly talks to Damon about Quad and about how the tabloids were talking about her taking the furniture. At Toya’s house, the couple starts talking about the same blog post. Toya said she won’t take the furniture because if it ever happened to her, she wouldn’t be the one leaving. She says that she set up games and a fun trip. Eugene replies, “It has to be more fun than last year.”

Everyone shows up at the airport and when they go to Antigua they all take a bus to the villa. On the bus, Quad talks about how she saw her soon-to-be-ex Gregory dancing at a club with a girl. 

The view of the villa is beautiful and is there really a good and bad room here? Of course, when you’re one of this cast, there will always be something to complain about.

On the way to one of the villas, Toya sees a crab on the ground and screams, flailing her arms. Apparently, she hits Contessa in her post-surgical breast. Toya claims that she didn’t do it on purpose but on the bus ride to the restaurant, Heavenly tells Toya that Contessa thinks it was done on purpose. Toya breaks down on the bus, crying, while the women comfort her. Contessa stayed behind to rest.

At dinner, they all exchange I love you gifts with their respective spouses — oh, how nice. The calm before the storm.  Quad, who wasn’t there with a partner, was given a special bracelet by Heavenly, who claims that she has to work on being a friend, so that this should be a start. Quad cries and says that being able to celebrate all of them was enough. If only the night just ended here. 

But noooooo. Toya came up with games — you could either answer the question or take a shot of Tequila. Why, Toya, why? Question one: “Have you ever thought about stepping out of the relationship?” Quad said don’t ask Greg the question because he already stepped out. Toya responds by saying that she’s too busy thinking about Quad took all the furniture out of the house.

Mariah starts probing Quad for more questions about her relationship and that as her friends, they want to know everything. Quad screams that they aren’t going to get every parcel of her divorce because it’s challenging enough. Damon said that she doesn’t owe anyone anything.  Heavenly starts coming to Quad’s defense while Mariah yells at Heavenly. Ding, ding…and the match begins.

Mariah breaks a flute to make it sharp and prepares for war.

The arguing and screaming begin and everyone starts holding everyone back.

Are we having fun yet?


Photo Credit: Mark Hill/Virginia Sherwood/Bravo