Flipping Out Recap: Jeff Trims the Fat in More Ways Than One

On this edition of Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis decides he needs to trim the fat, but this week it’s not employees he gets rid of. It’s his own belly fat. He needs to lose 10 pounds.

Speaking of letting things go, Liat and Trevor Gerszt who once hired and fired Jeff, hired him back to finish the job. Liat and Trevor who were once headed for divorce decide to work it out (well, this was filmed months ago and things have changed again). 

At New Hollywood, Jeff’s home, he put it out there that he wants an efficient office. He says it was a series of events that lead to his decision to drop 10 pounds. The most important is that his daughter Monroe pointed to a fat guy in a photo and said Dada. Megan Weaver says that she feels that Jeff is doing the diet because things are crazy and he wants to control something.

Back at Jeff’s house, Jenni Pulos-Nassos said that she wants to buy Balboa, a house that Jeff and Gage were once going to buy. Three years ago, Jeff/Gage were house shopping, but Balboa was out of his budget. He thinks that it’s crazy that Jenni and her husband Jonathan are buying that house. Jenni says she has to sell her house first but they tell her that Balboa going to sell quickly if she doesn’t act.

Flipping Out Recap: Jeff Trims the Fat in More Ways Than One

At Luna Grill, Julie is once again writing checks for the project that she and Jeff are working on. Jeff talks about how demanding Trevor has become and that he’s had an ax to grind and Jeff was just in the way. Jeff said he doesn’t even recognize Trevor. Trevor told Gage to address him as Mr. Gertz. They are afraid for Jeff to meet with Trevor and Jeff also seems afraid.

Teddi Mellencamp, Jeff’s accountability coach for his diet tells Jeff that for the first three days he will be grumpy. Who will notice? He must send pictures of food and his workout. If she’s not getting pictures, he will be kicked out of the program. He also can’t drink for two weeks. Megan wanted to do it too, so Jeff paid so he would have an accountability person.

At Calabasas, Trevor shows up seems annoyed at everything. He’s demanding and angry. “Make it happen dude.” Jeff refuses to fight with him. At lunch, Trevor talks about Liat, but it’s awkward because Jenni, who is a friend of Liat’s is at lunch with them.

Jeff lost a pound and a half so far. Megan and Jeff laugh about the fact that Megan’s photos have been of her in panties.

Jenni’s house is up for sale — she purchased it at $1.65M and listed it at $2.095M. Three hours after the open house started, people finally show up.

Flipping Out Recap: Jeff Trims the Fat in More Ways Than One

It’s Day 7 of Jeff’s program and he admits he feels like his productivity is extending in the day. He’s usually drinking at 6 p.m. and is now more productive. However, he has no sex drive and jokes it’s because his beer goggles are off! Megan says she’s gassy and irregular. Jeff tries to convince Teddi that if he lost his weight by Saturday morning, he can have a martini, but she says no he needs to finish the two weeks. That’s why she’s an accountability coach.

In a mealtime conversation with Liat, Jeff tells her that he’s glad she’s working things out with Trevor. After Jeff tells Liat that he did couple’s therapy with Jenni, she wants to do with Jeff. Jeff said it depends on how long they are working together, but they’ll end up there.

Jeff teases the nanny, Camila, about eating waffles for lunch while they are having salads. Sexy music plays while Camila spreads hazelnut spread on the waffles and then whipped cream. Camila says she doesn’t go to the gynm. Megan and Jeff hate her that she says it’s natural. She said she was 93 pounds while she was running and getting too skinny.

Jenni got a full-priced offer in one day on her house and she was able to buy Balboa, a five-bedroom, six-1/2 bath home, 4977 square feet. She paid $3.2 million and she thinks it will be home they stay in forever.

Jeff shows Trevor/Liat the house and Trevor seems pleased. Trevor apologizes for barking at Gage and Jeff.

Jeff’s diet is over and he says he feels more productive. Megan signed up for another month, says her skin is better and she’s in a better mood. Jeff says she seems better drunk. LOL Megan says she’s proud of him for accomplishing something that has nothing to do with work. Gage admires the fact that Jeff did it. Jeff admits he drank five drinks over the weekend. Oh well. That man has no self-control.


Photo Credit: Bravo TV