Reza Farahan From “Shah’s Of Sunset” Talks About His And Husbands Plans For Kids

Someone has baby fever!  Anyone who watched the last season of Shahs of Sunset saw the tension and arguments between Reza Farahan and his husband Adam Neely whenever the topic of babies came up.

The two agreed that they wanted kids, but they could not get on the same page as to when. Adam was pretty adamant about starting a family as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Reza was resolute about launching his new hair care line. However, it looks like the two are finally in sync.

According to an article from Hollywoodlife, Reza and his hubby are busy preparing for their first! He explained, “We are putting our condo that we’ve lived in for five years on the market…”

Reza continued, “And we are gonna use the proceeds from the condo to fund the baby process.” Side note, how IS that hair care line going?

While Reza does admit to being “terrified” according to the article, that hasn’t kept him from thinking of baby names. He revealed, “I am very much on board with classic, strong, some might call biblical names – like Matthew, Johnathan.” Personally, I am happy to see a couple not name their kid after a fruit or the weather.

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Adam has been very adamant about his desire for biological children. “If it was up to him” Reza stated, “We’d be having a boy and a girl.  I would be the father of one, he’d be the father of the other, and obviously, the mother would be the same”. In contrast, Reza has said he would rather adopt.

Reza shared, “It’s such a selfless act and I think there’s so many kids that need homes.” The Shahs of Sunset star elaborated, “For us to go through the process, the time, the agony, the money and everything that goes along with trying to have our own biological kids as two gay men – I don’t necessarily think that it’s worth it”

Uh oh.  While it seems like they both want kids soon, are they going to fight over HOW they are going to have them? I guess we’ll have to wait till next season to see how this all plays out.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]

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