Married to Medicine LA Episode Recap: The Roof is on Fire

Last night on Married to Medicine LA, the drama continues from Shanique Drummond’s shocking announcement about Asha Kamali-Blankinship’s husband possibly cheating. I am still confused as to why Asha is still playing the victim when SHE opted to attend a party where her husband’s ex was also in attendance. After storming out on the ladies, she returns and demands that Dr. Imani Walker make Shanique apologize. I think Imani has enough problems of her own. She may not be the best candidate to play peacemaker.  Shanique obliges and apologizes for the implication of cheating.

Jazmin Johnson addresses Imani’s comment comparing her home to one that a drug dealer would have. Jazmin is deeply offended by her ignorant comment. She doesn’t feel Imani would have made that comment if her husband wasn’t black. She also reminds her that despite her husband and her being in the same profession, everyone is not at the same level of success.  Imani angrily denies that her comments had anything to do with race.  Imani, girlllllll….that was one of the most ignorant, hateful comments I have ever heard after being welcomed into someone’s home.  Just admit that you were wrong and apologize! Shanique and Jazmin have had enough of the back and forth and get their designer bags and leave. Asha, in her usual dramatic fashion, plays victim and cries on cue.  I honestly believe where there is smoke, there is fire. I don’t think Asha would care this much about an ex or what anyone thought if she was secure in her marriage.


Asha welcomes her husband home from work with cocktails and a dip in the jacuzzi. She is still hurt that Shanique would dare comment about her marriage in front of everyone. Is it just me, or am I the only one tired of hearing about Larry Blankenship and his ex? Shanique talks to her husband about the blow up at girl’s night. Robert Drummond feels she should apologize since she revealed something he told her in confidence. Asha reveals in a production interview that Larry has never told her anything about any of his past relationships.

Wait a minute, so you don’t know anything about his past? Hmmm… this is very strange. It’s not like he needs to give intimate details but shouldn’t you know how serious his previous relationships were or why they didn’t last? No wonder Asha has been acting crazy. She has no idea of what happened with Larry and the ex that was at the party. Chile please… I need at least the cliff notes on your life before I marry you.


Imani talks to her husband, Phil Johnson about the derogatory comments she made about Jazmin’s house. He seems to be the only one in the room with common sense. He understands how that would be offensive and thinks she should apologize. Of course, Imani doesn’t care and thinks it’s no big deal. All of this stems from jealousy. She cannot understand how if he has the same job, he could afford that house because she couldn’t. Well, I hate to tell her this, but it’s not his job to reveal to her his W2s and all of his business endeavors to prove he has earned the right to live in a nice home. I’m actually quite disappointed. She doesn’t see how problematic her statements are to not only Jazmin’s family but the medical community as well.


Dr. Britten Cole has been given an ultimatum by her husband to find a home within the next three months for their family. Shanique and Britten go to look at properties to see if any will meet Mack Major’s long list of demands. The reality is they are not going to find a home near LA with all of the amenities of their home in Florida for the same price. Britten interviews for a new position at a plastic surgery medical office with an all-female staff.  She is under real pressure to not only find a home but a job in a few months. Good luck. It may be time to go back to Florida and rejoin your family.


Noelle Reid has a heartbreaking conversation with her daughter. She pretended to be sick to leave school because she hates her new school. She is uncomfortable being the new kid at a non-diverse school. I felt so sad for her.  It’s hard for a child to transition from your comfort zone to being somewhere totally new without any friends. Noelle shares her concerns about her daughter with husband. They know that she is out of her comfort zone but feel she will eventually find her footing.  She plans to share a bible scripture her mother gave her when she had anxiety. This is the first time we have seen Noelle’s husband and they seem to have a great relationship.


Britten accompanies Imani to get a tattoo on her ankle. They discuss that fiasco of a  party. Frankly, I don’t think it was anything wrong with that comment. I probably would have told her more than that, if she made offensive comments about my home. The truth of the matter is she is questioning his finances based on her own, which is just nuts.

Imani’s mother comes to visit her at her home. She asks her mother’s advice on what she said about Jazmin’s home. Her mother is clearly disappointed that she would make a comparison like that to a successful couple. Thank you!!!! Imani may be a psychiatrist, but her mother basically analyzed the situation and gave her great advice. Imani finally realizes what she is calling a “joke” was in poor taste and an apology is due. Maybe this is why she doesn’t have four Bentley’s and a large home.  She can’t even figure out when she has done something wrong, so how the heck can she help anyone else?


[Photo Credit: Bravo]