Married to Medicine LA Recap: Defective Crystal Ball

Last night on Married to Medicine LA, Dr. Noelle Reid had a 40th birthday party to remember, complete with a psychic to read the women. Something in my spirit told me this wasn’t going to go well with these ladies, especially since she is also her yoga teacher. SMH… where do they find these people? Either way, I am here for drama that will be sure to come at this party, especially since this will be the first time many see each other since Imani Walker’s failed messy peace summit.

Noelle is having a masquerade ball themed party and she enlists the help of Asha Kamali-Blankinship to audition dancers to spice up the big night. In the process, we find out a little about Noelle’s past life before she was a doctor. Can you believe she went on tour with MC Hammer as a backup dancer before she started medical school? Noelle feels inclined to let Asha know that she invited Shanique Drummond before their big argument at ladies night. Hopefully, Asha doesn’t conveniently forget and make a big deal, the way she did when it came to her husband’s ex.

While talking to her daughter about building friendships, Shanique tells her that she regrets the way she handled a situation with one of her friends. She wants to apologize to Asha and is regretful for the way things went the last time they saw one another. I’m glad that she has come to this conclusion because implying that Asha’s husband was cheating at a group event was wrong even if it’s true.

Imani and her mother discuss reaching out to her father. On a previous episode, she texted him and asked to meet and his only response was “I need to think about it. I’m at work”. Her mother doesn’t seem too enthused with the thought of her daughter wanting a relationship with him. In her mind, the only thing he gave her was life and a half-sister.


I know her mother is trying to protect her, but she has to allow her daughter to at least try if that is what is in her heart. Obviously, things probably will not go well given his history as well as his response to her text. But at least she will have a definitive answer rather than a narrative that her mother has given her. I find Imani and her mother’s interactions are that of two therapists analyzing one another. It is the weirdest yet most fascinating mother-daughter dynamic I have seen on TV. At one point, Imani starts crying and her mother says “You crying is making me tired, I try to stay away from this type of emotionalism.” Whoa, now I see why Imani is so in your face with her opinions and thoughts. I hope this isn’t what she tells her patients. SMH…

Dr. Britten Cole’s husband, Mack Major is back in town. The couple catches up on her progress on house and job hunting. Mack is worried that his kids are getting accustomed to not living with their mother. He has a sense of urgency that his wife doesn’t seem to share. At the end of the meal, Britten is left with an ultimatum, find an LA house quickly or come back home to her family. I can’t blame him. If you haven’t secured a job or a house for your family, what are you doing, taking a vacation from them?


Imani shares her frustration about her father with her husband, Phil Johnson. She realizes after talking to her mother she and her father may never have a relationship. She has decided to move on to pursuing a stronger one with her sister. She has talked with her, but they have never gotten together in person. As they are talking, all I can think of is the 90’s movie Cone Heads. I have never seen a husband and wife who have the exact same hairstyle. To add insult to injury, they have the nerve to play some of Phil’s songs from his music group. I have never heard of him or his group and now I see why.


It’s the night of Noelle’s birthday party and as an ode to her birthplace, Chicago, the food will and some music will be Chicago style. Asha comes early to get her makeup done with the birthday girl and reveals she actually got the part she auditioned for on Days of Our Lives. I am shocked. Her audition was mediocre at best. Well now maybe she will use her flair for the overdramatic for the soap, rather than her friends.


The guests are arriving and everyone looks nice, but I have no idea what Asha is wearing. It just looks like she threw something together at the last minute. Honestly, I think Britten and Noelle looked the best out of everyone. I don’t know if Noelle planned this party in a short amount of time, but it seems to be all over the place. From having weird dancers, a masquerade, Chicago food and having an intuitive, it just seemed like several themes thrown together.


Imani approaches Jazmin Johnson and asks her to step away from everyone to speak to her. Jazmin is not having it! She puts a hard stop to having a private conversation telling Imani they can talk right where they are standing. I guess she doesn’t want anyone to miss what actually is about to take place. The pressure is on because she happens to be standing with her mother, aunt, and Shanique. Imani decides to finally tuck her tail between her legs and apologize about the drug dealer home comments. She claims that it was a just something she said without thinking and she doesn’t believe they do anything illegal. That is funny because I could have sworn she doubled down on her statements several times to a plethora of people. Jazmin takes this opportunity to chastise her and let her know she doesn’t accept her apology. I don’t blame her!  What Imani said was a highly offensive comment she made several times on NATIONAL TV. No one wants their credibility and good standing to be brought into question or have rumors within their community. Imani is thanked for her attempt and sent packing without hesitation. I think if Imani had apologized immediately after, her apology may have seemed genuine.

psychic-gone wild

Noelle takes the girls to a private room for a surprise. She has asked her yoga teacher/ friend, to give clarity to the ladies because she is an “intuitive”. What the hell does that even mean??? Insert side eye emoji.  I have no idea why Noelle thought this was a good idea. This has “will end badly” written all over it. Jazmin asks the question, I think everyone is thinking, “where are you getting your information?”. This woman is as weird as she is combative.

Britten-flees-from-the crazy

She immediately gives Asha false hope telling her she is going to have twins. Does her husband know yet?  Next, she turns her ire on Jazmin, telling her she is brilliant, but when she refuses to give her husband’s name, Sahara claims there are shadows with them.  WTH? Uh oh, we all know Jazmin doesn’t play about her man. Jazmin flees back to the party once the Sahara pulls out a spray bottle to rid the room her negative energy. This is the weirdest party I have ever witnessed… SMH… Stay tuned next week to see the other ladies readings. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the other women. I’m sorry, but this lady is bat shit crazy if she thinks she is going to give unsolicited advice to grown women about their lives when it’s clear she couldn’t read a map for directions, let alone someone’s future.



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