90 Day Fiance Alum Ashley Martson Responds To Claims From Jay Smith That Cheating Story Was Fake & He Regrets Doing The Show

I already told you guys how Ashley Martson and Jay Smith from 90 Day Fiance are one of my least favorite couples that came from the crazy train that is the show. The make ups and break ups, along with mudslinging on social media and GoFundMe requests popping up left and right, they are truly easy to hate.

So where does their relationship stand now? We know that they are estranged from one another and have been for quite some time, but their divorce isn’t completely finalized yet. We know that Jay had a brief relationship with some rando who we don’t even have to name because that’s how quickly it came and went. So he’s single now (hear that, ladies?) and supposedly so is Ashley. I’m not even sure how these two have time to date with all the talking they are doing to different media outlets.

In case you missed it, the latest in the saga was when Jay told In Touch Weekly that he regrets going on the show and it wasn’t even his idea. He also tried to claim that his cheating was staged for the cameras, with “friends” being paid off to make him look bad. Now that Jay is done trying to fully gaslight Ashley and anyone else who has eyes and watched him on the show, Ashley is responding.

Ashley tells In Touch Weekly“For the same reasons Jay is talking to you now is the same reason he got caught cheating while filming a reality show about his relationship, he is young and thinks he’s able to manipulate everyone.”


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She goes on to say, “Plain and simple: Jay cheated.” Well, duh. As for his claims that the whole Tinder cheating scandal was a set up, Ashley says, “He believed he was going to get away with the cheating in that situation, just like he’s convinced that you all will believe him now.” Except we don’t believe him. Not at all.

Despite everything Jay has put her through, both in their marriage and in the media, Ashley sounds less angry than she should be and admits she doesn’t believe Jay is an evil person. She’s just not happy about how he has handled himself with regards to their relationship.


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She tries to give him some credit (that he doesn’t deserve IMO) by saying, “I think he’s young, and has never had anyone hold him accountable or give him direction. I loved Jay for god knows why and became more of his stability and parent than his wife and partner.”

Something tells me this won’t be the last we hear from either of them.


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