90 Day Fiancé: Rob Warne Abuse Allegations Explained After Sophie Sierra’s Mom Was Arrested

Photo Credit: TLC/YouTube

Controversial 90 Day Fiancé couple Rob Warne and Sophie Sierra garnered attention in May 2024 after disturbing videos surfaced. Fans met Rob and Sophie in 90 Day Fiancé Season 10. Sophie was upset when she found out Rob had been receiving (and responding to) sexual videos online. In addition, the two seemed to always be arguing throughout the season. Sophie’s mom, Claire Cheshire, was vehemently against her daughter marrying Rob because of how he treated her daughter. Despite all this, the couple got married at the end of the season.

The couple is featured in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 8, which is currently airing. In the season, Sophie is living with her friend Kae instead of Rob. This is due to Rob’s online cheating. However, Rob and Sophie have allegedly split up since HEA Season 8 aired. Some fans thought that the split was fabricated to drum up attention for 90-Day: The Last Resort Season 2. Various clues online made it seem like Rob and Sophie would be starring in the spin-off’s second season.

However, Sophie and Rob do appear to be split up for real. Despite this, they’re making headlines because of the recently released videos. What’s more, the videos allegedly led to Sophie’s mom getting arrested. Let’s take a look.

Trigger warning: The below videos mention domestic abuse. The videos may be triggering for some. Please watch at your own risk.

Claire Shared Videos of the Couple Arguing

The Instagram account Merrypants recently shared a compilation of videos that showed Rob and Sophie arguing. The videos had allegedly been initially shared by Claire, Sophie’s mom. In the videos, Rob is shown threatening Sophie and raising his voice at her. Claire captioned the videos claiming that Sophie was calling her crying every day. Claire alleged that she was also sending Sophie money because Sophie was “in the USA on a K-1 [visa]” so she “can’t work.”

Sophie and Rob have been publicly married for at least a year now. Therefore, fans were confused by Claire’s comment that Sophie was on a K-1 visa. According to a post by Taylor Samo on Reddit, Sophie and Rob’s segments on 90 Day Fiancé Season 10 were filmed in 2021. The Reddit post alleges that Sophie herself confirmed she arrived in the USA over two years ago.

However, it appears that the released videos may be old. Kae, the friend Sophie was staying with in Austin, commented on Merrypants’ post. Kae alleged that “these videos are very very old,” adding that “Sophie is NOT in danger.” In addition, Kae claimed that “Sophie’s mother is her biggest abuser.” In closing, the friend added that Sophie’s mom was “trying to ruin” Sophie’s life. Yikes!

Sophie Responded to the Shared Videos, Claiming Blackmail

Sophie took to her Instagram Story to reply to the videos. Starcasm captured her response and shared it on X. According to the post, Sophie asked that fans stop “judging Rob.” Despite the disturbing nature of the videos, Sophie also alleged that Rob had never “harmed her in his life.” In addition, the English woman alleged that “the person who is trying to harm me is not Rob.”

Sophie’s post also says that she sent the videos to “a family member” in private. Therefore, she says she was “disgusted” that the “family member” would share the videos publicly. Sophie also alleges that the family member released the videos in an attempt to “blackmail” her. The 90 Day Fiancé star didn’t use Claire’s name in the post, but also claimed that the “family member” was experiencing “mental health issues.”

Claire Was Arrested

According to Starcasm, Claire was arrested in early May in Texas. Allegedly, she was arrested for “terroristic threat of a family or household member.”

According to Instagram account kikiandkibbitz, Rob’s friend Tor’i allegedly claimed that Claire was arrested after she threatened to hurt Sophie. She allegedly also threatened to hurt herself.

Claire is reportedly no longer in jail and has been posting cryptic messages on social media. 90 Day Fiancé blogger Shabooty took to X to share a post from Claire’s Instagram Story. In the post, Claire alleged that her lawyers are “trying to get everything in order.” She also mentioned that she has to “press charges against this girl.” In the X post, Shabooty wondered if “this girl” refers to Sophie or her friend, Kae.

We hope everyone is safe following this incident.