Married At First Sight Recap- Move In Or Move On

On last night’s episode of Married At First Sight , decision day is less than a month away and the pressure is on! For some, I think the only sane option is divorce. I have no idea why the experts continue to support some of these toxic relationships.

All five couples sit down to take a hard look at their marriages and decide what it will take for them to stay committed until decision day. Some couples can’t wait to recommit, but for others the deal breakers may prove too much to handle. Let’s get straight into the recap!

Mindy & Zach

Married At First Sight Recap- Move In Or Move On

The experts meet separately with Zach Justice and Mindy Shiben to get to the bottom of their needs and issues. Mindy shares with Dr. Viviana Coles that she feels betrayed after finding out Zach has been speaking to one of her best friends behind her back. Pastor Calvin Robinson calls Zach out about his inappropriate relationship with Mindy’s friend and his lack of participation in his marriage. Zach doesn’t feel he has done anything wrong. He claims he would be fine if the situation was reversed.

For some reason, Mindy is still enamored with this walking head of hair. She still wants to give this man another chance to keep letting her down.  Zach only wants to stay on television but states he wants to recommit to his marriage with Mindy. This whole conversation is pointless! Pastor Calvin told Zach he doesn’t believe he wants to be married, yet allows this farce of the marriage to continue. Dr. Viviana basically has to walk Mindy through a list of demands for Zach. She would have gladly settled for a pat on the head, but she decides he should see her without filming, move in and show her the messages with her friend. Wow, this woman really has no self-esteem or dignity. I would have kicked Zach to the curb so fast; he wouldn’t have known what hit him. He is obviously on using this show to promote himself or his business.

When Zach speaks with Mindy she confesses she was on the fence about recommitting. She asks to see the text messages between him and her friend, Lindsey. Of course, Zach deleted them and Mindy just accepts his response. She explains her list of demands, which he agrees to until she mentions him moving in. Sigh! Mindy, you are a glutton for punishment. SMH! Zach says he spends very little time at home, so he is afraid if he moves in she will think it’s because of her. He has no intention of moving in and acting like a married man. Chile, please! Just tell this woman you hate her and move on!

In an attempt to seem like he is interested in trying with his wife, Zach spends the night for the first time. The two share an uncomfortable dinner and plans for the next morning. When it’s time to go to bed, Mindy is disappointed to learn he intends to stay the night in the next room. He totally set her up by unpacking his bag in her room only to sleep in another one. Sigh! I can’t even feel sorry for Mindy anymore. It’s as if she wants to the world to know she is desperate for a man’s attention. Girl, you are too good for this self-absorbed clown.

Derek & Katie

Married At First Sight Recap- Move In Or Move On

Katie Conrad is worried that her husband, Derek Sherman is too much of a dreamer. She has basically planned their entire life, without him. For her, being married and having kids is her ultimate dream. She doesn’t think his bucket list of backpacking through Europe, writing a book, or composing a Christmas song should be included in their life together. Derek is not only hurt, but shocked that his wife feels his dreams are unrealistic. He wants to have a family, but not at the expense of giving up all of his dreams.  Katie, girl, are you serious? Sure the man has some crazy goals, but it’s not like he is staying up all night ignoring you to write the next Christmas hit. Katie gets so upset with their conversation, she storms off and locks herself in the bathroom. Is she looking for a reason to flee to the ex? Or is this self-sabotage at its best, now that things are getting real?

Katie and Derek both share their big fight with the experts. Both question why Katie wouldn’t support the goals of her partner. Derek, it’s a red flag that this early your wife is telling you she wants you to change who you are as a person. Despite them disagreeing about this one issue, they both decide to stay committed to one another.

Later that evening, Katie apologizes for her rant about Derek’s adventurous spirit. She admits she is worried that life with her wouldn’t be enough for him. Insert eye roll emoji. The man put you on his health insurance, what more of a commitment do you need?  You don’t just add someone you intend to have a fling with on your insurance. What more does the man have to do to prove he sees a future with you?


Austin & Jessica

Married At First Sight Recap- Move In Or Move On

Austin Hurd is happy in his relationship, but looks forward to their growth. His only issue in their relationship is they both don’t go to sleep at the same time. Insert eye roll emoji. Jessica Studer has fallen in love with her husband, but is scared to reveal her feelings to him. Dr. Viviana encourages Jessica to confess so she has no lingering feelings on decision day. When Jessica returns home she chickens out of telling Austin she loves him. I’m not shocked, it’s obvious she wants him to say  it first. Was there really any doubt that these two would recommit?


Meka & Michael

Married At First Sight Recap- Move In Or Move On

I can’t even take Michael Watson seriously at this point. All I see when I look at him is a compulsive liar. Apparently, that is all Meka Jones sees as well. She expresses her frustration with their trust issues to Dr. Viviana. However, according to Michael he thinks that he has resolved his issues with Meka. SMH… Pastor Calvin has to remind him if he is the one who has been dishonest; he needs to do twice as much to rebuild trust. I don’t think Michael even knows what the truth is anymore. He still won’t let his wife see his pay stubs or proof of employment. Despite their issues, both Meka and Michael want to stay committed to their marriage. Meka, you are better than me. I would feel like I was sleeping with the enemy. If a man can lie about small unnecessary things, he will lie about ANYTHING!

Married At First Sight Recap- Move In Or Move On

Meka and Michael have an uncomfortable conversation about their individual meetings with the experts.  Michael shares that he needs his wife to be more vulnerable with him. I’m sorry, it seems like Michael wants someone to baby him. No one should have to do anything to spur another person to have integrity and be honest. Michael blaming his habitual lying on another person is ridiculous. Nonetheless, the both agree to continue to keep working on their relationship.


Brandon & Taylor

Married At First Sight Recap- Move In Or Move On

Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid both share their current circumstances with the experts. Neither of them has seen each other in several days since their disastrous meeting in the nail salon. It’s obvious Taylor still wants to try, but is unwilling to just state that to her husband. Brandon is still upset about the video and reluctant to return home. But after some time, Brandon decides that he would be willing to give things another shot, if Taylor changes and acts like a wife. Umm… is this the same guy who has disrespected his wife on numerous occasions on this show?

Brandon comes back to the apartment to talk with Taylor about their issues. They both agree to stop focusing on the past and just try to move forward. It seems like if these two could have had an honest a productive conversation a lot earlier, maybe they would have stood a chance. Nah, they would still be toxic.


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