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Tiger King Star Jeff Lowe Says Joe Exotic Had File Cabinet Full Of Evidence Proving Carole Baskin Killed Her Husband Don Lewis

Tiger King stars Jeff Lowe and Joe Exotic are not on good terms, to put it mildly. Jeff cooperated with the feds and now Joe is in jail, serving a 22-year sentence for hiring a hitman to kill his enemy Carole Baskin.

In the Netflix series, Joe insisted that Carole Baskin killed her husband Don Lewis back in 1997. He was convinced that Carole fed her then-husband to one of her tigers. Don’s children had nothing nice to say about Carole. They are upset with Carole for all the money she inherited from their father. Pretty much no one had anything positive to say about Carole, except for her current husband Howard Baskin.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Jeff tallked about Joe’s investigation into Don’s death. Jeff told the magazine, “Joe had a whole file cabinet in the office full of all the paperwork proving it way more than the documentary showed”

Jeff even claimed that Joe “has handwriting analysis, Carole’s diary, just tons of stuff that pointed to her guilt.” Can someone release the files to the public? Or better yet, to the police. The sheriff did ask Tiger King viewers for leads about the case in response to the show’s popularity.


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Jeff alleged, “Joe had a spy inside Carole’s office for a while. She was sending him all kinds of personal information, but Carole finally found out and fired the girl.” Who could blame her? I just want to know who this girl is. Was she in Tiger King? There were just so many cast members to keep track of. I need to hear more.

Even though Jeff and Joe do not get along, he does agree when it comes to Joe’s suspicions about Carole. Jeff declared, “Carole is guilty, in my opinion. Don was already trying to plan his exit and was trying to find a way to keep his money if he was going to divorce her.”


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