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Tiger King Star Joe Exotic Doesn’t Sing His Own Songs; The Singer Who Does Wants A Record Deal

I’m not gonna lie, those Joe Exotic music videos we saw in Tiger King were so entertaining. Despite the ummmm….unusual subject matter, I could not help being enthralled. I wasn’t the biggest tiger enthusiast (before watching, obviously) and I am too scared to support any sort of beef against Carole Baskin. Still, I couldn’t help laughing at some of the music videos and the fact that Joe found the perfect Carole look-alike to portray her. Talk about dedication there!

While Joe certainly has an intriguing magnetism, he doesn’t actually have a great singing voice, at least that we can actually confirm. Apparently, he was lip-syncing all of those songs. He was also pretending that he knew how to play the guitar.

TMZ reported that country music duo The Clinton Johnson Band actually performed the songs. Vince Johnson and Danny Clinton are the guys behind the music. Sadly, Danny passed away in October.


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However, they did record three albums (without cat-related songs) before he died and Vince is hoping to get signed by a record company. Vince told TMZ that he is hoping that the popularity of the Netflix show Tiger King could lead to a major break. Ironically, Vince hasn’t even watched Tiger King yet, but he plans to.


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The Clinton Johnson Band linked up with Joe after Joe posted an ad looking for someone to make a theme song for his park and a reality TV show. Now, I’m just curious to know what Vince thinks about Tiger King and the use of his music whenever he gets around to watching the show.


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[Photo Credit: Netflix]