90 Day Fiance Couple Michael Jessen & Juliana Custodio Are Quarantined With His Ex-Wife Sarah, Who Was Recently Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Michael Jessen and Juliana Custodio are one of the 90 Day Fiance couples that could have been judged harshly at first.  With a twenty-year age difference, it’s no wonder that consulate officials in her native Brazil questioned the legitimacy of their relationship.

Many viewers also questioned Michael’s intentions when insisted on a prenup to safeguard his fortune.  It was hard to watch Juliana’s confusion and frustration at the time.  However, Michael backed off and they managed to work through it.  Juliana seemed to fit into Michael’s life, caring for his children and becoming close with his ex-wife Sarah.  She even officiated at their wedding.

Now, with the coronavirus pandemic forcing us to seek refuge and stability, Michael and Juliana claim they are stronger than ever.  They’ve also got an unconventional quarantine setup going on.  The couple spoke to Entertainment Tonight to explain.

Michael’s ex-wife Sarah and her new husband Sean have been staying at his home along with the adorable Max and CeCe.   Michael revealed that Sarah and Sean often stay at his house in order to be close to the children.   He said, “we’re safe and we’re healthy, and that’s more important than anything else.  I think we feel fortunate that we’re all together.  We’ve just sort of naturally adopted this game plan of ‘get through it.’  We’re enjoying each other’s company too..It just became one big sort of nouveau Brady Bunch family that we have.”


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But there is another reason for this living arrangement.  According to Entertainment TonightSarah was diagnosed with breast cancer in February and had two surgeries since then.  Therefore, Sarah is in a high-risk group in terms of succecptability to the virus and Michael wanted her to have a proper support system.

Michael claimed that it’s a very serendipitous arrangement.  He explained,”it’s just four of the right people meeting at the right time.  We’re all very accepting people who’ve seen a lot of different things in life, a lot of different experiences.  We all have a lot of empathy.”


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Juliana is accepting of the situation.  Not only that, she and Sarah have bonded a lot during the past month.  They often walk in the woods together and confide in each other, especially when they get annoyed by their spouses.

Michael also said that, though the quarantine has been very good for his and Juliana’s relationship, they are not planning to have a baby anytime soon.  He said that Sarah is rooting for another baby in the family, “Sarah would love for us to have a baby because also, she would feel very motherly too.  Even before Juliana came here, Sarah was talking about it like, ‘I hope you guys are planning to have a baby, because I’d love to feel, in a way, that motherly bit again.’  She doesn’t want to have any more children and Max and CeCe are great, but, you know.”


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So after all the globe-trotting, how have Michael and Juliana been adapting to domestic life together.  Michael proclaimed that, “well, if I can be romantic, we’re meant to be together.  Once she finally got here it was like, wow, it’s so nice to be able to wake up in the same bed, eat together, go to sleep together, like a wonderful, loving couple–not the fly-by-night, globe-trotting stuff.  It was such a relief, you know?  So now, actually, this has been..look at us, we’re happy, we’re loving, we like being around each other.”

Michael and Juliana’s quarantine plus four update will be featured on 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined.  It’s premiering tonight, Monday April 20th at 9pm.


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